Saturday, January 13, 2007

I'm Making Money with PayPerPost

I know there are many people who would like to make money at home and they, like me, have probably tried various avenues with little or no success.

I normally do not send out bulletins about how to make money with your blog....but I started using a site about a week ago and I have already earned nearly $200 simply by posting neutral comments or questions about products on my blog. I figure if I can make money doing this then you can too.

Posts pay anywhere from $4 to $100 and sometimes there are even $1000 opportunities. You are limited to two posts per day per blog that you have that has been approved. At a bare minumum of two $5 posts a day you could make an additional $70 per week....just for typing a short blurb about a company or product. These reviews do not have to be positive and you do not have to lie and say that you like the product or have used it. For products that I have not used I have simply posted to my readers and asked if any of them have used it and their results. Easy money.

Advertisers post opportunites and you click the ones you are interested in so you have complete control over what is on your site.

If you are interested please visit my blog. Scroll down and look for the PayPerPost logo on the right sidebar. Click it and make sure you put in "Loretta Nall" when it asks who referred you. Once you are signed up you will make $15 for every referral that you produce in addition to the money you make blogging.

I have plans to finish building a fence all the way around my property with my money and just to save as much of it as I possibly can.
What could you use extra money for?

Give it a try!!
This will be the last make money at home program you will ever need.

(ad sponsored by PayPerPost)

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