Thursday, January 04, 2007

Professional Bull Riding

A lot of my readers will probably be surprised to learn that I am a fan of professional bull riding. Yes. It's true....I do have a red-neck streak in me that seems to get wider every year. It's the good kind of red though.

Why do I like bull riding? I am not sure exactly. It is amazing to me that grown men who should know better will climb on the back of a wild, mean, slobbering beast with horns attached to a ton or so of meat and try to ride it. It's exciting to watch them try and hang on and the bull jumps, twists, turns and does everything it can to dislodge the foreign object from its back. If it succeeds then it tries to gore or step on the rider. It's exciting stuff.

When the ride is bad it is fun to watch the cowboys try and get out of the way and when it is good I find myself clapping along with the audience because you really have to be talented and have a good grip to ride a bull.

I have never had the pleasure of attending a live bull riding performance but am thinking of attending the PBR Finals in Las Vegas this year. If you like bull riding and are interested in attending you can get tickets at PBR Finals tickets.

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Don said...

Lo, unless you just want to go all the way to Las Vegas and perhaps enjoy the lights and casinos as well as the bull riding, you could check out some bull riding events closer to home and combine them with your concern with prisons. Check out and for starters.