Thursday, January 04, 2007

Loretta Nall's 2006 Year in Review

Dear Friends, Supporters, Readers and Fans,

2006 has drawn to a close and, as always, it is time to reflect on the year gone by, examine progress and look at the plans for the upcoming year.

I want to thank each and every one of you for the support you gave to me and my family during my recent campaign for Governor of Alabama. I would never have made it as far as I did without you and your wonderful emails, letters, phone calls, in person declarations of support and your money. You provided me with constant inspiration for this very hard and often trying work.

Politics is nasty business. Blood sport. My political issues of choice are not your average candidates issues of choice and my style is not that of the everyday politican, especially in a place like Alabama.

Normally, candidates like me are ignored by the media during campaigns even when we have ballot access and when the media does decide to cover third party candidates they do not generally do so in a positive light. But this time, even without ballot access, the media followed through with me to the end. Granted, not all of my media coverage was positive...but it wasn't negative either. It was more a matter of tone and seriousness than negative coverage. Without you out there writing letters to newspapers, posting about my campaign on your blogs, calling TV and talk radio stations and asking for fair coverage of your candidate, the media would likely not have paid much attention.

I want to take a look back at some of the major things that happened, what we gained with my candidacy and where we go from here.

Not ever having run for office before I didn't know what to expect. I am just an average person with no prior political experience. I didn't have and knew I couldn't raise anywhere near the amounts of money my opponents had. I worried in the beginning that I might fail in my effort to see it through to the end. How nasty would it get? Will I be able to handle it with wit and grace? Will it be worth it in the end? I remember thinking, "Oh man, what have I done?", after hitting the send button on my first news release announcing my run for Governor and quickly and enthusiastically embracing the next realization of "Well, it's done now...put me in coach, I'm ready to play."

So many different things happened during the campaign that I didn't really expect to happen. I guess the most surprising thing is that people from across the political spectrum paid attention. Their reasons for doing so are probably as diverse as they themselves are. Maybe people cared about the issues and wanted to help. Maybe they despised the issues and wanted to impede progress. Maybe they were simply fascinated that a woman in Alabama had the courage to address issues like REAL drug policy reform, prison reform, equal rights for the LGBT community, getting out of the Iraq war, getting the federal government out of public education and any other controversial issues that I covered in my campaign. Maybe some tuned in for the humor alone.I am sure some were laughing with me and some were laughing at me, but the important thing is that they were laughing and laughter is good.

I got invites to speak from the VFW to the Rotary Club, from the PTA convention to the African American Mayors Conference, from the Kiwanis Club to the National Coalition of 100 Black Women.

As of now, two months after the election, there is still no conclusive ending to the story. Some of the votes cast for me were not counted while others were, so we will never have an accurate vote count. Sure, I didn't win the Governors seat...but I never expected to and I don't believe that any of the people voting for me thought that I would least not this go round. This wasn't meant to be an ending though as it is only the beginning of my political career.

Here is what I gained by running for Governor of Alabama.

1. A large network of Alabama citizens motivated enough to go to the polls and physically write my name in on the ballot. Many of these same people will now be helping me on the Compassionate Care Act, the push for less restrictive ballot access laws (this has been a particularly hot issue in all of Alabama's major newspapers just recently) and my possible 2008 campaign against Congressman Mike Rogers of Alabama's third district.

2. I also gained the respect of the Alabama media and met many new people in the national media. The huge role that the Alabama media and, near the end the national media, played in my campaign would be very hard to put a dollar figure on.

3. I was respected by those who heard me speak even if they disagreed with what I had to say.

4. I gained name recognition for my future political expoloits.

5. I tried to un-demonize the average pot smoker to the average non-pot smoking citizen. I put a human face on someone who smokes pot and lives a normal life. I tried to help people understand that people who smoke pot aren't a threat to anyone, we are not out to rob you, steal from you, pollute your children or otherwise cause harm to the fabric of society.

I tried to help people understand that me smoking a joint in the privacy of my own home is not a problem until the police kick in my door, terrorize my family, haul me through the courts and to jail and put it all on the taxpayers tab. I tried to show that pot smokers are not hard core drug addicts, that 99.98 percent of us never go on to become heroin or crack addicts, despite what the federal and local governments tell you. I tried to show that we are basically regular people who live next door to you, work with you, maybe go to church with you, maybe even your own flesh and blood, and that you should not fear us. The truth is everyone knows someone who smokes pot whether they know it or not.

6. The most important thing is that I ran and that I brought issues like drug policy reform to the front and center of politics in Alabama. My message was delivered to millions of Alabamians through every available media outlet. I planted seeds in peoples' minds all across the state and I am certian some of them will sprout and grow into thriving community activists and future elected officials and that will help move the state of Alabama forward.

Here is a month by month recap of the campaign beginning in October of 2005.

Oct. 2005

Marijuana Advocate Joins Governor's Race

Nall Enters Alabama Governors Race

Don Markwell Show

Nall and Libertarians in Joint Venture

Tuscaloosa News LTE

Tuscaloosa News LTE Response

Marijuana Head Seeks Governors Office

Local Hopes Run Will Influence Candidates

The Kevin Elkins Show

Get to Know your 2006 Candidates

November 2005

Montgomery Advertiser Editorial Recommending Decrim

Decatur Daily Editorial on Treatment instead of incarceration

Birmingham News Editorial on Treatment instead of incarceration

The Times Daily Editorial on Prison Overcrowding and Treatment instead of Incarceration

Guest on 90.7 FM

December 2005

Was a very slow month. No media or events for the entire month.

Janurary 2006

For the Record

Election Buzz Heating Up

First Campaign Stump Speech at the Wetumpka VFW

Feedback from the first speech

Feburuary 2006

Pot Bust Lights Fire Under State Candidate

March 2006

Nall to Address National African-American Mayors Association

Video of Address at National African-American Mayors Association

The Great Boob Flap Begins

My Reponse to the Men Who Started the Boob Discussion

Meet the Twins Letter Printed in Montgomery Independent

A Life of Its Own

Colorful Contenders in Governors Race

April 2006

More of These Boobs and Less of These Boobs

Nall Still Running, Maintains Innocence

For the Record Nomination COverage

WAKA Channel 8 Nomination Coverage

Woman Heads Libertarian Ticket

Nall on Channel 8 TalkBack Video

Libertarians Make it Official

Nall More Excited Than the Lt. Governor about Campaign

Video of Nall's Addresses State PTA Convention

Huntsville Times Coverage: Candidates Share ideas on Schools, Criminals, Taxes

Nall A Guest on Atlanta's 96 Rock

Ten Commandments Judge Trails in Race for Governor

May 2006

Alabama Gubernatorial Hopeful Flashes for Cash

Nall on Free Talk Live

Boobs, Panties & Coourage; How Honest Elections Could Change Alabama

Nall on Alan Colmes Show

Nall on Joe & The Poor Boy

Nall Makes Top 10 at Technorati

Nall on WRMN and Freedomworks Radio

Birmingham FreePress

Columbia Journalism Review Coverage

Loretta Nall on Cultural Baggage

Nall Opposes National Guard Troops on Mexican Border

More or Less

MSNBC Coverage of FLash for Cash Campaign

Nall on WRJM Wiregrass Radio

Kim Hendrix Interviews Loretta Nall & Joe Copeland

Tuskegee Sheriff's Candidates, "Nall Right on Drug Policy"

June 2006

Drug Policy Reformers Take Third Party Path in Bids for State Office

Ballot Access War...The Final Battle

Nall. "I'm Not Dropping Out"

Nall on For the Record Primary Election Night Coverage

Hoover Metro Kiwanis Club Recap

More Supporter LTE's

Nall Launches Campaign Radio Ads

July 2006

Lower than Dogs

Women's Rights & Jericho Horns

Nall Looks to Ride Colorful Campaign

August 2006

Nall Speaks at Birmingham Peace Rally

For the Record on Womens Rights

Nall on Head On Radio with Bob Kincaid

Loretta Nall on WAUD Auburn

Drug Policy Discussion on For the Record

September 2006

Candidate Due Spot in Debate

State Law Creates Roadblock to Ballot Access

Montgomery Advertiser Editorial: Ballot Access Far Too Limited

Nall Polled in Survey

Nall Heads Back to COurt

Not Being in Jail is Cool

October 2006

Unfair Rules Block Good Candidates

My First Vote

Nall Registers Ex-Felons to Vote...Addresses NAACP State Convention

Nall Addresses Birmingham Sunrise ROtary Club

Candidates Get Face Time

USA Today: "Vote Nall Y'all...She's Smokin'!

Alabama Gubernatorial Hopeful Campaigns on Cleavage

Feedback on the Twins

National Media Storm Begins

The Slippery Nipple

Nall on Fox & Friends

Loretta Nall #1 on Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Candidate Talks Issues, Not Good Looks

Nall on NBC 13 News (no video uploaded for this one yet)

Political Levity a Good Thing

Nall Endorsed by Talk Left

WAKA and WVTM Coverage

Nall's Campaign Ads Named "Most Honest" by Brandweek magazine

Nall Answers Debate Questions

NOW Takes Stand on State Issues

November 2006

Bob Ingram You are Still invited to my Inaugural Ball

Birmingham Black & White Publishers Notebook

The Race for Montgomery Heats Up

Fun Alternative News Interviews

Nall Best Qualified Candidate

Nall on Good Morning America

Nall CBS Radio Interview

Nall on For the Record

Back to the Grind

Mobile Sees Spike in Write-in Voting

Voters Deserve Right to Write-In

Some Preliminary Vote Totals

Elections Officials Complain About Having to Count Write-in Votes

Put Your Big Girl Panties on and Deal With It!

Citizens Respond to Call for Ban on Write-in Voting

Don't Limit Access to Get on Ballot

Shouldn't charge fee for Write-ins

Ballot Access laws are the Real problem

Ballot Access in Alabama

Ballot Rules Too Restrictive

Alabama Voters Need More Choices

Write-in Votes Often Good for Chuckle

Well folks, there you have the majority of the last 15 months of my life in print, audio and video.

Nothing about the campaign was negative nor does any of it leave a bad taste in my mouth. Quite the opposite actually. The overall experience was incredibly positive. Despite being a write-in candidate I enjoyed widespread media coverage in print, radio and TV long before the unintended 'boobs' bruhaha near the end of he campaign. I've come to the conclusion that every politician is intimately familar with the principles of addiction . It doesn't necessairily have to be a 'substance' that one is addicted to. I can't wait to run again.

Despite what the numbers say, I won. No, not the governors seat...but I think we all knew that was the longest of long shots and no one was surprised by that outcome. I am not convinced we will ever know the actual number of votes I received, what with the poll workers deciding which votes to count and which votes to simply discard, but even that is a victory. By spotlighting the fact that apparently not everyone's vote counts I have brought it to the attention of voters who are very unhappy about it. That unhappiness is fertile breeding ground for political action and political action breeds political change. My campaign also has brought light to the larger and more critical issue of Alabama's horrible ballot access laws and has given me a base of people, which I can and will organize to carry out the political actions that breed political change. Look for a bill addressing ballot access laws in the upcoming legislative session as well as a bill on medical marijuana.

In closing and trying to sum up all of the things that I feel and that happened during this campaign I have this to say, when I was a kid I always wanted to be a rock star and running for Governor in Alabama was what I imagine being a rock star is like. For 15 months I got to be a thorn in the ass of the prohibitionist establishment in the most oppressive state in the nation and I got the media to cover it all the way down the line. I had an absolute ball. How often in ones life does the opportunity to thoroughly mock the establishment, and in Alabama no less, on such a grand public scale, knock on the door? Not often.

I'll see you at the State House during the upcoming legislative session and around Alabama as I prepare to educate the public, the media and elected officials about the issue of medical marijuana in Alabama.

I owe a very special thanks to some very special individuals who helped me in some way during the campaign.

Members of the Media

Tim Lennox at For the Record. Throughout the campaign Tim Lennox was ethical enough in his journalism to include my activities despite my not having ballot access. He inserted me into many roundtable discussions and newscasts, exchanged emails with me and had me on the show near the end of the election. FTR is my favorite news show in Alabama and having Tim be so helpful was priceless.

Phil Rawls and Robb Carr at the Associated Press. Phil was always fair, enjoyed my sense of humor and captured it well in his articles, and did not leave me out of his experienced political coverage even though he very well could have. Phil also offered me tips he had collected from his many years covering politics in Alabama. It was always sage advice. I can't thank him enough. He did the first and last major articles on my campaign and his last one launched me into the international spotlight. Robb Carr took great photos of me throughout the campaign for various AP articles and was just delightful to be around. I'll miss them between now and the next run for office. They added to the fun factor for this election.

Monica Allen, Stephanie Hicks, Chris Bailey, Jabari Pruitt and the whole gang at WAKA Channel 8 in Montgomery. Channel 8 provided more in-depth coverage of my campaign than any other major network channel in the state. I always had an absolute ball everytime I would go in to be a guest on TalkBack Live and everyone at Channel 8 treated me like an old friend.

Editor Bob Martin at the Montgomery Independent and Bob Ingram, the syndicated political columnist, for noticing that I have boobies and proceeding to alert everyone else to that fact. Without their help I probably never would have been covered in the national and international media. With their help I was second only to the Governator (Arnold S. in Cali)in national media coverage of gubernatorial campaigns. Also, I would never have made as much money as I did on the "More Boobs" merchandise. So thanks y'all for making me a star even though I am almost certain that was not your intent.

To the bloggerhood

Many thanks are owed to the Alabama Bloggerhood

BlueGal and Dr. IQ were absolutely indispensable in getting the bloggerhood buzzing with the boob story. At one time there were 109,000 posts about me in one day on blogs across the globe. I would also like to thank the following bloggers for their coverage, endorsements and no particular order

Bitter Old Punk
Gun-Toting Liberal
Birmingham Blues
Captain Bama
Politics in Alabama
Between the Links
Alabama Moderate
Aardvarks Plumbline

The Alabama Libertarian Party

Without the help and encouragement of the LPA over the course of the last four years I might never have made the plunge. A special thanks to Mike Rster and his beautiful wife Mia, Sarah Wires, Mark Bodenhausen, Dick Clark, John Sophecleus, Mark Thornton, Jim Greenleaf, Paul Frankel and Steve and Deborah Gordon. I love you all.

And finally thanks again to all of my supporters, fans and friends. I hope that my candidacy made you proud and inspired you to run for office yourself or, at the very least, to become more involved in politics. Remember, politics is the art of controlling your environment and if you want to have some say in the laws by which you will be governed then you have to participate in their creation and passage.

Loretta Nall


herbalist said...

After briefly following your role in Alabama politics this past election and reading your Year in Review I would like to congratulate you for bringing such controversial issues in to the eyes of not only the citizens of the state of Alabama but also the rest of the United States. I wish that citizens of the state of Florida could have a woman like you running for our governor because it is your type of thought process especially in regards to the world of politics that make a vast difference in the way that the world currently functions. Thank you for all your time and energy and please continue to contribute your time to enlightening us all about the current state of our nation.

Mike Ruff said...

Loretta, Come to the Free State, Please! Yes, it's a bit colder up here than Alabama, but you'll be around folks who agree with you, and you'll be more free than you are in Alabama. You'll be with other activists, and your efforts will be greatly magnified. And you'll be with folks you know--the hosts of Free Talk Live are already up here, last I heard, Dick Clark is supposed to be moving up this way in the not-too-distant future, etc. I know it's entirely psychosomatic, but I fveel a great weight lifted from my shoulders every time I cross the border into New Hampshire. It's awesome to got to the grocery store, and not have to expend the mental effort to add 8-10% to my running talley while shopping. It's great to be able to walk around with my pistol on my hip, openly (or concealed with my AL CCW--NH has reciprocity) without worrying about being hassled by the police. And folks up here actually mind their own business, as well as being friendly! There's lots of neat little businesses, and great places to eat, and so forth. At least come check it out.

Mike Ruff

Roberto C. Alvarez-Galloso,CPUR said...


Your article was interesting. I do have one in my blog that would interest you. MSNBC revealed that Former Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist was a "drug addict" during his time in the Supreme Court. I did a tongue and cheek article on this. I hope you do not mind. This article has been criticized by Republicans and Democrats.

I also saw the list of bloggers that you thanked. I just wanted to let you know about the times in Florida [especially in Miami] talking about you and the Libertarian Party.

I even explained to my family in Cuba about you and the Libertarian Party.

The old politicians of Dull Right and Dull Left from both sides of the Florida Straits tried to have me declared a "crazed nut" because of existing mentality of "Republican, Democrat, Communist". These Old Politicians even tried to use certain members of my family and certain members of my wife's family in an attempt to keep me from helping the cause of Liberty with sayings about "Security".

My response was Patirck Henry's quote: "Those who prefer comfort to Liberty will get neither". I also added my quote: "That's why Cuba degenerated into the disaster that it is today."

Of course, there were people who have been supporting my efforts to effect change in America for the better.

My Blog [even though I live in Florida] endorsed your candidacy.
Here is my proof and I also wrote a recent article for your interest. I did this for Liberty, the Restoration of our Republic, and for our country America.

I hope you find these interesting.

In Liberty for you, your family, and Liberty.

Roberto C. Alvarez-Galloso,CPUR
Miami Florida

Don said...

Loretta, I have to say that you're an amazing lady and that those who know you only by name and never met you in person missed a lot.

Keep on keeping on!

Debbie Murphree said...

I agree with Don, Loretta. You are truly amazing and have a lot of stamina to withstand the media, and the harrowing trials of running for public office. I am proud to call you my friend!

Gun-Toting Liberal said...

I'm proud of you, Loretta, and thank you for the nice comments and the link. PLEASE don't stop doing what you're doing, Ma'am...


paulie said...

Loretta, you rock!

You helped revive my interest in LP and LPA, which was waning.

Here's to an even better 007 and I hope to be working with you in the future.


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