Thursday, January 04, 2007

Oh...the irony!!

Regular readers will already know about my new puppy a 17 week old German Shepherd I got for Christmas. He had his first vet appointment last week and all is well. His behavior leaves a great deal to be desired where cats and my kids are concerned. Yesterday Saul and Dad Nall had a little run in, shall we say, and Dad Nall and I were on the verge of selling him back to his previous owner. But, I love him dearly and he is so smart...I know he can learn to be better.

Today, I called Saul's vet to inquire about obedience classes in Tallapoosa County and guess what? The only person who teaches them is this guy the Alexander City Police Department Drug Dog Handler. JOY!

How's that for supreme irony of the highest order? This shit could only happen to me it seems and serves to make my life extremely interesting.

I told the vet, "You gotta be kiddin' me. You, of course, know I am the most widely known drug policy and prison reformer in the there no one else in the entire county who does obedience classes?"

Vet: "No. That is the only one."

Me: "Well, that oughta go over real well. I bet he'll teach the dog to call 911 if I fire one up in the house."

Know what's even funnier and more ironic? I am actually signing my dog up for these classes. I simply cannot resist the temptation to have him trained by the very people who want to put me in jail.
I have called Mr. Whetstone to inquire further about obedience classes and am awaiting his return call. I will keep you all posted on this little adventure.

Loretta Nall


Bob Newland said...

No. His name is not Whetstone. Is it?

Loretta Nall said...

Yes Bob I'm afraid it is.

Yamagoo said...

That's one of the funniest things I've heard in a long time.

The office of my former employer, where we often (read daily) got toasted sat in front of a long expanse of lush green lawn. About 2 blocks from the local police department. They used to drill the drug dogs on the lawn. We would take our roaches and spread them all over the lawn. Fun to watch the officers scratching their heads when the dogs followed "cold" trails.

Good luck!

Amanda Harrell said...

omigoodness, that's CRAZY!!! weird, weird, weird!!

you need to go read my most recent blog on myspace titled "guess what?"

i've been in the hospital for two weeks with a perforated ulcer. i'm thinking it may have been caused by my post surgery "celebrations" and am curious as to whether or not a vaporizer would minimize my risk. any thoughts or suggestions?

Amanda Harrell

Loretta Nall said...

Ouch an ulcer!! And on top of your surgery too.

A vaporizer would only help with regard to coughing. It reduces the amount of tars and things you ingest when smoking and makes you cough less.

A vaporizer does not actually burn the plant material but heats it just enough to release the THC into a vapor for inhaling.

Anonymous said...

My dad always says he was glad he had dogs before he had kids. You learn things like: if you want them to come when you call, don't punish them when they come when you call. (It follows that you shouldn't punish kids for telling the truth and reward them for lying.)

Parents should take dog-training classes together, I think, even if they have to borrow a dog.

Have fun. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Sandra in California