Friday, January 05, 2007

What's the status on Internet Gambling?

Back in October the US Congress passed a law making it illegal to open up your computer and play a game of cards or other betting game for money. While, I am not a gambler myself I have to say that I think the UIGEA is a total crock! How and where I spend money that I work for is not Uncle Sam's business.

It appears that there is a 270 day window for banks and credit card companies to find a way to halt the gambling transactions of their customers. However, no penalty will be imposed if no way to do that is found. In the spirit of thumbing my nose at the over-intrusive US government I would like to encoruage anyone who does like card games, slots, or blackjack to play all you can during those 270 days. I would also encourage you to call your US Congress and Senate persons and demand that this law be repealed. The US Constitution does not give the government the power to tell you how to spend your money therefore the law is unconstitutional.


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