Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Where's the Justification?

Woman charged in traffic death, tests positive for pot

DOTHAN, Ala. (AP) -- Police say a Dothan woman charged with the traffic-related death of a Ozark man tested positive for marijuana use. That's according to Dothan Police Chief John Powell. He said 24-year-old Tabitha Shae Farmer, who was already charged with murder, was rearrested last night and now faces a single count of endangering the welfare of a child.

Powell said Farmer's two-year-old daughter was a passenger in her vehicle when she allegedly struck 60-year-old Larry Downing in the parking lot of Southern Family Market. He died several hours later at a local hospital.

Powell said officers also found drug paraphernalia in Farmer's vehicle and she could face additional charges.

What does testing positive for marijuana use have to do with this case? NOTHING!
Driving under the Influence of Drugs laws are non-sense because they do not measure impairment of the driver. They simply check to see if there are any by-products of drugs that have already been metabolized. So, say you smoked a joint last week and you get in a traffic accident today. Nothing major....say you are tapped from behind...the cops take a blood sample and WHAMMO! you are charged with driving under the influence of drugs....even though you were not under the influence of drugs and the accident was not your fault.

Additionally, many studies have been conducted that show people who smoke marijuana and drive are NOT more likely to have an accident and some studies show they are even less likely to have an accident. You see, when people have pot in the car or they have been smoking it they are MORE CAREFUL because they do not want a police encounter.


Anonymous said...

Well, no person in there right mind runs into a person in a parking lot. Also, she had been pulled over for a traffic violation prior to this incident.

Loretta Nall said...

Accidents happen in parking lots all of the time where people are in their right mind. And what does having had a prior traffic ticket have to do with this?

Anonymous said...

What you are not aware of apparently is the other drug paraphanalia that was found in the vehicle....that is the reason she was charged with murder. Tabitha Farmer was under the influence of "duster", an inhalant that is severely impairing.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention I was in jail with her and she shows NO remorse at all about what happened. In fact everything she has to ever say is how she shouldn't be in there,and how her dad needed to hurry up and get her out.
Where I agree with you about pot,she was under the influence of other stuff.
And I'm sorry,someone who can't say they are sorry for what happened,and feel a little remorse is NOT in their right frame of mind.