Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hey Woman...'Swim Iss-a-way'!!

By Patrick McCreless
Alexander City Outlook

Alex City woman in hospital after jumping from River Bridge

The Alexander City Police Department is still investigating the circumstances surrounding a local woman who jumped off the River Bridge early Sunday morning.

"She dropped off the edge of the bridge into the Tallapoosa River below," said Lt. Randy Walters of the ACPD.

According to police reports, the department received a call from a concerned citizen between 1:14 and 1:19 a.m. Sunday that a woman was sitting alone on the edge of the River Bridge.

A passing motorist on the bridge noticed the woman, a 26-year-old female ... "on the edge dangling her feet," Walters said.

Several officers quickly arrived on the scene to assess the situation and attempt to talk the woman off the bridge if necessary. However, the officers never got the chance to speak with the woman.

"Upon arrival of law enforcement, the female jumped over the edge," Walters said. "They didn't have a chance to talk with her."

After they witnessed the woman's fall into the water, which Walters said was at least a 40-foot drop, officers rushed down to the edge of the river at the westbound side of the bridge. The officers then called to the woman and asked her to swim over to them.However, there was no response from the woman so two officers jumped into the river to come to her aid.

"Law enforcement swam out to the victim and pulled her to shore," Walters said.

Alexander City Fire Department EMS personnel were then called to the scene to assist with the victim. The woman was transported to Russell Medical Center. However, the woman required further treatment and was transported to UAB Hospital later that day.

The case is still under investigation.
The officers then called to the woman and asked her to swim over to them.

I can just about imagine what that consisted of.
"Hey Woman....Swim issaway"........

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