Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lot's of High Paying Opportunities

For those of you wondering what PayPerPost is it is a website where you canmake money blogging. I have made over $300 so far in a little over a month. I could have made more but some days I just can't get to everything.

In the last week or so PayPerPost has been running tons of high dollar paid ad campaign for their bloggers. This is great news if you have a blog with a PR6 or above and an Alexa score that is acceptable to the advertiser. I currently am not qualified to partake in these opps because my PR score seems to flucuate on a dailyu basis. I am however still blogging for PPP and pretty soon my PR score will be where it needs to be.

The opportunities this week have ranged from $35 for a blog posting about men's clothing, $125 to tell PayPerPot how you have spent the money you have earned and even a $1000 opportunity to post about something called Rockstartup.

If you need extra cash for whatever then check out PayPerPost and tell them Loretta Nall sent you.

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