Friday, February 23, 2007

I Want My FTR!!!


Around the first of this year Alabama Public Television royally screwed up my favorite show, For the Record with Tim Lennox. Before this change FTR came on 5 nights a week and was Alabama's only statewide news broadcast. It was also the only place one could tune into the news and hear insightful commentary and educated positions on the issues. It was the only news that was actually thought provoking and Tim Lennox is one of the only old-school journalist with ethics left in this state.

FTR was cut back to a Friday brodcast and a Sunday broadcast and I swear, if we can't get it back to what it was my brains are going to melt and run out of my ears. Network News blows. It is all about entertaining viewers and not about real news. If I see one more story on Britney Spears or Anna Nicole Smith someone might get hurt.

Help prevent me from losing my mind by writing Allan Pizzato at this email address or by calling him at 1-800-239-5233. Please tell him we want our FTR back to 5 nights week and to never, ever change it again.

I Want My FTR

Loretta Nall


Layne said...

i completely agree.
although ive never seen the news show you are talking about, i dont believe anna nicole smiths death, or her will, or the fact that brittany spears shaved her head is news!
its rediculous! who the hell cares whether or not she has hair?!
why does it really matter who gets anna nicole smiths body?! its going in the ground or being cremated anyways!
non of that matters!
non of that effects our lives in anyway what so ever!

Loretta Nall said...

Here is the email I just sent Mr. Pizzato at APTV.

Dear Mr. Pizzato,

I am writing to beg you to please bring For the Record with Tim Lennox back to 5 nights a week. I have long been a huge fan of the show and this change has been very difficult for me to adapt to.

FTR was and still is the only statewide newscast in Alabama. Quite frankly, I think that alone should qualify it for a 5 nights a week schedule. Aside from that, it was and is the only REAL news one can find in the entire state of Alabama. Tim Lennox is he only newscaster who has not reported on Britney Spears bald ass and head to match nor Anna Nicole Smith's baby daddy saga. The man is deserving of some sort of HUGE recognition for being the only real, ethical and enlightened journalist in the whole state and possibly the entire nation.

If I have to sit through many more network 'newscasts' that are more focused on who has a bald head and a bald ass to match I think my brians might melt and run out of my ears.

Help prevent that from happening by giving us real news junkies back our FTR 5 nights a week. To cut it back to two nights has been a real disservice to those of us who actually enjoy real news and who use FTR to keep up with the real issues in this state. I even volunteer to help for free if the reason it was cut was a staffing shortage. I have skills in boradcast journalism and video production, among oher things, and y'all can utilize them if I can get my show back.


All the very best,
Loretta Nall
Libertarian Candidate for Governor 2006
Executive Director
Alabamians for Compassionate Care