Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Need a secure online file storage service?

Do you have a need for Online Backup and Storage?
Just today I got my old laptop running again and I wish that I had an easy way to transfer the files from my other laptop to this one. It occured to me that having something like online storage capability would be very useful. While looking around at different options I came across IBackup.

IBackup is a service of Pro Softnet Corporation. Since its creation in 1995, Pro Softnet Corp. has been harnessing the power of Information Technology by providing Internet based solutions and customized Internet Software solutions for many Fortune 100 companies.

Pro Softnet's product line also includes the remote access service - RemotePC (http://www.remotepc.com). RemotePC is a secure and simple way to access your computer connected to the Internet from any geographical location. You can read your e-mail, work on the documents and resources and retrieve important documents and data files from your home or office computer while on road.

If you need this type of service make IBackup one of the possibilities on your list.

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