Monday, February 19, 2007

Protest at Horseshoe Bend School Tues. Feb. 20 at 645 AM

Local Readers,

Tomorrow morning at 6:45 AM I will begin protesting across from Horseshoe Bend School located on HWY 22 E in New Site, AL.

I will have signs that say "The Only Thing Coach Keith Can Beat is Kids" (since he has a 1-9 football record) "This School Employs A Child Abuser" since he was at work today and I have not received word from any BoE empoloyees reading this blog that he has been fired and jailed and "I Don't Beat My Kids...Neither Can You"
If you have other ideas please employ them in the form of a protest sign.

The local media has picked up on the story and will be there to cover it.

If you believe your kids deserve a learning environment where they do not have to fear being attacked for chewing bubble gum then please join me in the morning at 645 AM to protest HBS school and the coach who abused this kid.


Anonymous said...

You need help. The first place you should start looking is in the Bible. I would and could say a lot of things to you, but instead I will pray for you. I think that is what you need more than anything.


Loretta Nall said...

Oh well, now I don't know how many people would agree with you there RAK. I am not the one ABUSING school children.

Are you saying that Jesus of the Christian bible approves of child abuse? My goodness...where is that scripture located? While I may not be religious I do know what the bible says and Jesus giving his approval of football coaches beating children for chewing gum and wearing earrings isn't anywhere in there.

I wonder about your initials too. A.K. could eaisly be Andy Keith. I don't know what the R is for. RUINED maybe? But I'm just speculating there, eh?

B said...

Yo Rak, I'll give you a little advice from my bible...

Hate your enemies with a whole heart and if a man smite you on one cheek, SMASH him on the other, smite him hip and thigh, for self-preservation is the highest law.

You're lucky I don't live in the states fucker!

Anonymous said...


you should direct your prayers to this poor child....

seems to me this student is the victim,and yet you defer your "biblical wisdom" to the person reporting this story???

I think this Mr.Keith is the one that needs help....perhaps you should re-direct your thoughts/prayers to him,and leave the messenger alone??

I dont recall the author of this blog being the one that commited an act of abuse??

clearly this person broke the school's policy,and wanted to make an example of this student...not only do I hope he loses his job, but I'd like to see him do some jail time.

I fail to see how chewing gum can be treated as a corporal punishment offense??

what do ya do when a kid skips school...sick the dogs on em??

its getting harder and harder to tell the difference between a public school,and a prison anymore?

how about focusing on educating students,and not so much as dominating them??

no wonder the states got such a bad rep for its eduactional values.

Anonymous said...

where in the bible does it say to, mame, scar, and humilate thy child. you are a sick asshole and you deserved to be put in jail! In my country and NY state (i live in canada now) you would be facing several years in jail.

you need help. read a book on SANITY!