Thursday, March 29, 2007

Alabama Bloggers Roundup

Here is the buzz from the rest of the state.

Wheeler over at Alablawg tells us why he is most grateful to be Catholic. A great read...don't miss this one.

Dan over at Between the Links informs us with great joy that the Free the Hops Beer Bill just passed the Senate Committee and has been placed on the calendar. Congrat's to all who worked on that. If you're interested in helping me with a "FREE the WEED" bill then holler.

C.A. Marks over at Alabama Improper reflects on the many ways one can express the need to go pee.

I have no idea where Jeff over at Politics in Alabama has gotten off to. I hope he didn't decide to play chicken with another tornado.

Alabama Moderate has a good round-up of stuff happening elsewhere including part of a Stephen Colbert transcript where he reverse engineers street meth into Sudafed. God that kills me!!!

And finally, Kathy over at Birmingham Blues is lobbying in Montgomery today. I did that all day yesterday and it is something all of us should do more of. How many of you who read this blog are politically active?


Dan said...

That depends on how you define "active." I normally just bitch within earshot of anyone of an internet connection, does that count?

I did call my Alabama House guy today to tell him to vote for beer, though.

Thanks for the link.

Loretta Nall said...



Your high quality blogging about the happening's in the Alabama House and Senate and coverage of other political figures, like Troy King, is major activism in my book. You inform with your blog and that is a critical component in getting others involved. First they have to understand and Between the Links goea a long way in helping to achieve that. Bitching at everyone within earshot also counts. I believe I started out about like that.


Calling your House guy is a form of lobbying.


I fully expect you to run for office in Alabama Government someday. I sincerely hope that you do. I'd say that is about the highest form of activism you could engage in.

Don said...

I don’t do a heck of a lot, but my friend Dr. I.Q. tries to spread the word about Initiative and Referendum and enlist more supporters working to make Alabama the 25th state to have it.

Don’t let Dan fool you. He jumped on the I&R wagon and did yeoman work contacting candidates in last years legislative elections and asking them if they, too, would support it. You can see the results of his work @

Dan said...

Yeah there was that, but something about the I&R idea made me mad.

If I do run, I wonder if I'll freely advertise that I've been blogging about Bama politics...