Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Compassionate Care Update

I just returned from the House Judiciary committee meeting where HB206 The Compassionate Care Act was brought up and immediately referred to the subcommittee on Civil Justice. I knew late yesterday that this is what we expected to happen today. The reason for referring it to the subcommittee is to fix a couple of technical things and it will not change the substance of the bill.

The bill should be out of subcommittee and back into the main judiciary committee within two weeks.

In the meantime please continue to call and write the members of the House Judiciary Committee.

In fact, let's have a little promotional fun. For everyone in Alabama reading this blog....if you can get 5 friends/family members/co-workers to write the judiciary committee I will give you a t-shirt or some other prize of your choosing from the Compassionate Care Gift Shop.

Here is how it works. When your friends send an email to the judiciary committee they have the option to have copy of the email sent to their inbox. Have them check the box to do that and then tell them to forward the copy to you. You can then forward it to me as proof that they contacted the judiciary committee. If you can get the same 5 friends to do a follow-up call with the members of the judiciary committee and report everything they say then you can choose 2 items from the gift shop.

All anyone has to do to send a pre-written letter of support to the judiciary committee is click this link.

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