Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Don Prockup Needs Your Help!!

Dear Readers and Supporters,

I come to you today to ask you for your help. One of the terminally ill cancer patients that we are working with at Compassionate Care is in dire financial straits. That person is Don Prockup.

As I was leaving the judicary committee meeting this morning I received an email from Don that laid out the shape he is in. Since the police raided his medical garden he is forced to buy his medication at current black market prices. Mr. Prockup lives on a small fixed income. So small, in fact, that a nun in a nunnery would have a hard time living on it. Mr. Prockup has to have his medication and so, thanks to the current law that does not protect patients, he is forced to choose between electricity, food and water or medical marijuana. No one in the United States of America should ever be placed in the position of having to choose between the basic necessities of life or their medication.

Don will be losing his utilities soon. I have no idea if he has any food at his house right now or any money for gas to even get to his radiation treatments. My current understanding of the situation is that he does not have money to get to his medical appointments. His son recently moved away and Don has no family in the area where he lives. I live four hours away or I would be of more immediate assistance to him.

If any of you out there can spare a few bucks to help Don out please send it to him at the following address. My $20 i going out in today's mail.

Donald J. Prockup, Jr.
4420 Pinhook Rd
Butler, Al 36904

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Anonymous said...

i think this is a relative of mine my name is jason bowling my moms name was norene and i think this is her brother donalds son my mom and my uncle have passed if you had a aunt norene in cleveland you have a lot of family here in cleveland and i will let them know your in need my address i 3202 roanoke ave cleveland ohio 44109