Monday, April 16, 2007

D.A. Taints Jury Pool in Loretta Nall Case

I went back to court this morning and ultimately nothing happened as far as my case being called. The jury was picked for another trial and my lawyer told me that if they get to my case this week it will be Thursday or Friday. If they do not get to it this week it will be 6 more months before it comes up again.

While speaking with my attorney in the hallway outside the courtroom he informed me that last week the D.A., E. Paul Jones, brought up my name in voir dire jury selection in a case that is not in any way related to my case. The D.A. asked the jury pool if they knew Loretta Nall. The lawyer quoted him as saying, "Does anyone in this courtroom know Loretta Nall? She ran as the Libertarian candidate for Governor last year. Does anyone know her?"

The case the jury was being picked for was this drug trafficking case. The only connection is that the defendant in that case and I share the same attorney. In my case the attormey is appointed and not hired. I do not know if he is appointed or hired in the trafficking case.

There are two reasons the D.A. would bring up my name...or perhaps a better way to put it is that bringing up my name in front of the entire jury pool feeds two heads of the DA dragon...those being

1. To make the jury pool think that my lawyer is somehow evil and sinister for defending drug cases...even though in at least one of those cases he is an APPOINTED attorney.

2. To tie my name to a drug trafficking case when my case has NOTHING to do with drug trafficking.

When I heard this I said, "He tainted the entire jury pool against me by doing that."
My attorney enthusiastically agreed and is taking the necessary steps to see that this is addressed.

I am absolutely astounded that the DA would ask the entire jury pool about me when my case is close to being called and heard by some members of that same jury pool. Wow! To me this just reeks of desperation. They are willing to try every sneaky, dirty, underhanded trick in the book to get a conviction in this case. I hope they realize that I am keeping score and I am documenting every move they make, every slip up, every mistake.


Anonymous said...

First of all...sounds like your attorney kicks ass and is worth every red cent! Major kudos to him!

Secondly Loretta, nothing surprises me anymore with this ass-backwards government of ours! I had a feeling they were going to pull some raunchy-ass stunt like that! All the more reason for you to load what legal weapons you can against them! Recording every move they make is a GREAT THING FOR YOU!

I think about you daily and am sending you constant good energy and vibes!

You are so strong it just blows my mind! Just keep on keeping on, and nail it to 'em everytime, as they'll surely be prepared to nail you! FUCKERS!!!

Sandra (I've heard of you in California) said...

The important thing is how many of them knew you. It is possible the D.A. was taking the oportunity to see what potential jurors may know about your case before he gets to it.

If many of them said, "yes," then he might decide he can't win and drop it. Or that a delay of 6 more months is required.

I'd keep running for office, if I were you.