Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mmmmm...Beef Jerky

I love beef jerky. I find myself purchasing it frequently when I am traveling which is often. My puppy Saul is also very fond of beef jerky. A week or so ago I saw Wilson Farm's brand of
Beef Jerky Snack Sticks and decided to give them a try. They were excellent! Sometimes you get beef jerky that is flavored with something sweet which is nasty. Bleck! Other times you get jerky that is so tough it nearly pulls your teeth out of chewing it makes your jaw muscles look like they are on steroids. Not Wilson Farms Beef Jerky though. It was seasoned with just the right blend of herbs and spices so that it retained its meaty flavor. It was dry aged to perfection making it tough like jerky should be yet tender and easy to chew.

Saul was also very pleased with our new find. Since the big pet food scare I have been afraid to give him anything made for dogs for fear it would kill him. I have instead started buying him things like beef jerky, especially when he travels with me. He loves the stuff and will do just about anything for a jerky stick.

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