Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Need a new cell phone?

I wrote a few weeks ago about about the toilet bowl incident involving my cell phone and taking the plunge to retrieve it. It would have been too expensive to replace, much more so in lost data than hardware. It appreas a little drying was all it needed and it's working just fine now.

Had it not made a full and speedy recovery forcing me to replace it I would have gone with Wirefly because they have great deals on every hot phone/pda/handheld on the market. Right now they are offeing a FREE Blackberry Pearl plus $50 after rebate and instant discount with a new T-Mobile account.

Looking for something a little more compact? Try out the Sony W300i which features

*Bluetooth wireless technology
*Walkman music player software lets you take your songs with you
*VGA-quality camera lets you take and share photos and video clips

This phone is free after rebate with a new Cingular account.

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