Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sunday Doggie Blogging

Sorry the doggie blog posts have been absent for a few weeks. I wasn't aware that my adventures with Snoot (Saul) were so popular with my readers, but, apparently they are, as many people have written to inquire why the doggie blog posts stopped.
No worries. Mr. Snoot is fine and dandy...I've been busy though hence the sporadic posting.

So, what's new with this crazy dog? Well he is HUGE now. As tall as me on his hind legs and strong as an ox. For a while I had been using the harness, which enables me to keep him under fairly good control and prevents him from dragging me across the yard. But, he has gotten so strong now that he is back to dragging me and I have reverted back to using the pinch collar.

Another new thing we started doing this week is letting him off leash in the woods on our property. We own a little over 2 acres and most of it is woods with the undergrowth cleared out. I have never let Saul off leash before because I was afraid he would run to the road and get hit, or run over to the neighbors and gobble somebody up, or catch a cat. But, numerous walks a day are not burning up his massive levels of energy and he has become a handful in the house. He chews everything he gets his mouth on, including shoes that I am currently wearing, chases everyone around the house and generally makes a big ol aggrevation out of himself. So, a few times a day when I am home I take him out in the woods and turn him loose.

He is a beautiful sight to behold romping around in the new greenery, all around the trials sniffing everything, bounding over the rocks and occasionally treeing cats when they venture out. He got two last week. I secretly thik the cats want to be treed. They come out in the woods and slink on their bellies as close as they dare until Saul sees them. Then he begins to stalk over and the cats wait til the very last instant before he gets to them to dart vertically up a tree. Then the dog stands at the bottom and bays like a coon hound. It's hilarious. And I am constantly amazed by how fast this dog can move. My husband and I were in the woods with Saul the other day and he commented that the dog can move faster than the human eye can register. "If he ever got after you then you'd be a eat the time you saw him coming it would be too late. Running would be useless...I think I'd roll over and play dead."

Another crazy thing he has started to do is kill his food. Not his dog food...but his table snacks. What a spectacle! His current favorite food to kill is a sausage biscuit. He'll tote one off to the living room, lay it in the floor and proceed to growl, bark, snap, circle, poke and pounce on it. I guess since it smells like pig then he has to kill it because it would be silly to eat a pig alive.

This week Saul and I are going to check out the Doggie Daycare on HWY 280 near Dadeville. With the legislature being in session I am gone long hours some days. He can get out of his pen when he is determined and keeping him in his kennel for long hours is cruel. I hope this place will take a rambunctious shepherd who likes to put his big scary mouth on everything. I hope actually that it is a place I would feel safe leaving him where he can romp with other dogs and have fun.

Here are a few more shots from last week

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