Monday, May 14, 2007


I hate kids who are bullies and parents who allow them to be bullies. All school year long there has been one little brat who has tormented my daughter. They are in the same class, ride the same bus, and ,sadly enough, this bullying little brat is assigned one seat ahead of my daughter. She is always harassing Bell about the clothes she wears, about not being a bible-thumping Jesus freak, about the work that I do (like any 10-year-old has the ability to understand it) and anything else she can think of to bully Bell.

I have complained to the principal, the teacher and the bus driver to no avail. On Friday Bell got off the bus crying, yet again, because this little bully deliberately stomped all over a project Bell had been working on for over two weeks. The item was too large to fit in Bell's backpack so she had it on the seat beside her. The bus hit a bump and her project rolled into the floor and under the seat in front of Bell where little miss bully sits. As Bell was reaching down to get it this brat starts stomping all over it and breaks it into pieces. The bus driver claimed not to have seen it (that is what she always claims even though there are cameras recording everything that happens).

This morning I am taking my children to school. I am calling in the bus driver and demanding the tape, I am calling in the little bully's parents to give them a piece of my fucking mind. They might wanna call the cops in for this one too, because I am HOT about this. You know I'm serious when I, of all people, go to hollerin' "Call the police!"

I want this bully suspended for willful and malicious destruction of anothers property. I want little miss bully kicked off the bus for the rest of the year so my daughter, who never makes fun of other people's clothes, never harasses them about their religious preference and would bend down, pick up something that someone dropped and nicely hand it back to them as opposed to smashing it to bits, can ride in peace the rest of the year. Next year we are definitley home schooling but for the rest of this year things WILL BE PEACEFUL for my daughter.

If they refuse to meet my demands then I will add all of these things listed above to the lawsuit that is in the works and will be filed against the school shortly. It won't look good when we add that the school allowed harassment of my daughter to go on because we are an Atheist family, allowed my daughter to be repeatedly harassed by this little brat all year long and never took steps to stop it, allowed my daughter's property to be destroyed with no punishment for the offender, to the LONG LIST of infractions the school has already done and allowed to be done to my children. CHA CHING!

And another thing and something that I want to tell the parents of this little bully of a child...It's kids like her that grow up and shoot their classmates or harass others so badly for so long, that the harassed pick up guns and shoot their classmates, as is the case most of the time.. They need to reel her in before she becomes or helps to create the next Columbine shooter. I might also ask for five minutes alone with the brat....I can cure her of that bullying shit. I'd wear the hide clean off her rear end and she wouldn't sit down for a solid month. No problem! Some kids need their ass tore up now and again.

I am constantly amazed at how people who claim to be 'christian' are some of the most evil bastards on earth. My Atheist family shows more compassion and tolerance than any bible-thumping Jesus freak I ever met. How about that?

I'll post the outcome of this mornings meeting when I get back home. Stay tuned!


Nikki said...

I hope that little brat got what she deserved, Loretta!

And I'm sure your daughter is, and will turn out to be, a beautiful young lady. Such as yourself.

Keep fighting the good fights lil mama!
<3 Nikki

Loretta Nall said...

I just got back from the meeting at the school. I had called ahead and talked to Mr. Fuller, the principal, to let him know what was happening. He suggested I wait until they had reviewed the tape and talked to the bus driver before I met with them.

I declined that offer.

Present at the meeting were the principal, the bus driver, the assistant principal and some other woman I had not met before, me and my two children.

The first thing I learned was that the bus driver called Mr. Davis (Asst. Principal) on Friday after this happened to let him know. She also called the bully's grandmother and told her about it. I had also tried contacting the parents/grnadparents of this brat but the brat was answering the phone and hung up when she knew she was about to get in serious trouble.

The bus driver said she did not witness the event in question, but that she has asked every kid who got off the bus after it happened what they had seen. They all said they saw it there are plenty of witnesses. She also said the camera is not at the right angle to show what happened.

I pointed out that this little brat in question has harassed my daughter all year long, especially on the bus, about whatever she could dream up and that nothing has been done about it. The bus driver confirmed that Bell gets off the bus crying because of bully on a fairly regular basis.

I told them this child is a bully and that bullies become Columbine shooters later in life if they aren't reeled in. I suggested they mention counseling to the parents of bully or else bully is about to tote a good ol' country ass whoopin'. I pointed out that often a good ol' country ass whoopin' is all a bully really needs not to be a bully anymore and that I have been teaching my daughter how to throw real hair pulling and scratching for this'un. If she gets into a scrap she is prepared to come out the victor.

The Asst. Principal was laughing with his eyes closed and nodding his head in an affirmative manner.

I said I wanted the bully suspended for willful and malicious destruction of someone elses property, that if possible I'd like her kicked completely off the bus for the remainder of the year and if that wasn't possible for this infraction that she be assigned the seat directly behind the bus driver.

The principal said they would review the tape and talk to the students that said they saw something. He also said bully would be reassined to the seat behind the bus driver starting today and that further action would be taken against bully once he had enough to confirm the story.

That's all I ask. I know people at the school think I hate them, and some of them would be absolutely correct in that assumption....but I don't hate all of them, only the select few that have been directly involved in attempting to jail me and have the state kidnap my children. Who wouldn't hate someone for that? Is it not justified?

I just want all of them to do their job with regard to protecting the rights of my children, who, despite being solid, fish-belly-white, caucasians, are in the extreme minority when it comes to political views and religious affiliation.

I told those attending the meetinig a much and thanked them for their time.

It will be nice to see my daughter get off the bus happy today. I hope she rubs bully's nose in the shit just a tad. Maybe she will walk by and stick her toungue out or just turn to her ans smile evilly. She deserves it.

Christie said...

Wow...the shit never ends...does it Lo....

Anonymous said...

it can't be illegal to flood these peoples homes with letters of complaint about their 10 year old daughter. make available their home address.

Loretta Nall said...

I think I'll pass on publishing a home address for a few reasons.

1. There are crazies out there and other than wanting to spank the hide off this child's ass myself I'd wish no real lasting harm to come to her.

2. If an address were posted I could be held responsible for anything bad that happened thereafter.

3. We are still talking about a minor here. It is illegal to identify a minor. Posting a phtsical address would be as good as printing a name in the era of Google.

We'll see what the school does and decide what if any action is necessary afterwards. Hopefully, the meeting this morning was all that was needed.

Anonymous said...

A couple of thoughts on this, Loretta:

First of all, the sad fact is that bullies do not turn out to be Columbine-type shooters. The Columbine shooters were kids who were relentlessly bullied in school, at least in part because of their wardrobe choices ("trenchcoat mafia"). Nearly every major school shooting in the past 15 years was perpetrated by a person or persons who were tormented by bullies.

Bullies instead tend to become Republicans later in life.

I think it's also important to note that bullies tend to be kids who were also bullied or abused, either by adults, siblings or other children. That's important to remember when talking to a child who has been bullied, to make sure that the "cycle of violence" mentality doesn't take root in the bullied child.

Loretta Nall said...

I just got word from my kids that the bully has been kicked off the bus for the remainder of the year.

We live a roundtrip total of 30 miles from the school and with gas at nearly $4 a gallon that oughta put the hurt on her parents. They live near us and have a gas guzzling sports car. And it is a real pain in the ass to have to drive that 30 miles twice a day.

Maybe that'll learn'um.

I don't think this is a case of this child being bullied or abused at home. Her parents have money (or so I have been told) and even people (school employees) who have contact with this brat as school say she is just a hateful, spoiled child who always gets her way. Her favorite words are according to my daughter, "My mama said I could."

However, the parents are at fault much more so than the brat because she had to learn it from somewhere. If they keep teaching her that she can do whatever she wants to other people and their property I predict this bully will have a very hard road in life.

Anonymous said...

I've got a principal I could use your help with. She's a cold hearted witch and shouldn't be in the position she is in. She's made my child cry more than once!


Loretta Nall said...


Please email me at about the problems you are having with your child's principal and I will do whatever I can to help.

Lord Alberonn I said...

I'm glad to see a good outcome here. I think I still have physical scars from bullies on the bus. People would pick on me until I exploded. I just used my fists, never weapons. If I was a kid today, they'd probally think I was a possible school shooter. Kids were just horrible to me.

I can understand that feeling of wanting to strike back. What sets me apart is that I wouldn't want to hurt someone who didn't do anything to me. But like I said, I can see where they're coming from. They feel so helpless and powerless. They feel that the only way to make it stop is to kill those who hurt them. Hurt those who let it happen. All they want is for it to stop, and maybe get some payback for all of that hell they were put through.

Bullies are more dangerous not in what they do, but in what they can create. I feel that those who helped create the school shooters take thier piece of the blame/punishment too. Because we all know what happens when a kid gets pushed way too far. I'd like to see that sort of thing prevented.

ALmod said...

"I am constantly amazed at how people who claim to be 'christian' are some of the most evil bastards on earth. My Atheist family shows more compassion and tolerance than any bible-thumping Jesus freak I ever met. How about that?"

As a Bible-thumping Jesus freak myself, I agree. And I appreciate the use of the small "c". I can tell you that more problems in my Christian life have been caused by people claiming to be "christians" than by those who consider themselves Atheists.

I'm glad to hear that the bully was removed from the bus. Thankfully, we haven't gotten to that age with MY Isabella, yet. As we all know, girls can be much more vicious than boys could ever DREAM of being. It hurts my heart to think of any child going through this, and you just know that something is going on with the other little girl as well for her to behave in such a way. (Problems happen in homes with money, too.) Bullying is usually about control, and it usually happens because the perp feels out of control in other areas. Maybe Mommy and Daddy aren't as attentive as they should be and Little Miss Bully is jealous of the attention that your own daughter gets from her Mommy.

Let me know how the homeschooling goes as well. We've been considering that for a while now because I believe I can put together a better curriculum for my child. Not to mention, she's already proving to be quite bright, and I'm scared she might get left behind in a public school setting.

Loretta Nall said...

Not all people who are of the Christian faith are bible-thumping Jesus freaks. I am sorry to have used such a broad stroke without clairification. My family is full of Christians, including my mom, but they are the sort that would never attack anyone else for their beliefs or non-belief as the case may be. They understand that religion is a private family matter.

People who teach their kids that because they believe in Jesus that they ae better than everyone else piss me off.

And should homeschool your Isabella....public school does nothing but destroy creativity, teach conformity, and strives to make sure no kid gets left behind by making damn sure no kid gets ahead. As smart as you are you know you can do it. You have a teaching degree right? Hell...I'll be calling you for help next year :)

ALmod said...

Nonono, I think you took that wrong. I wasn't offended by your comment.

I actually do consider myself a Bible-thumping Jesus freak-- only in a good way. That isn't always considered a derrogatory term. :)

I DO have some college training for elementary/early childhood education. I spent two years in the teacher education program at the U of Montevallo, but I never got my degree. As soon as I started doing my "field work," I realized that it wasn't the profession for me.

Loretta Nall said...

I'd definitely suggest that you give home schooling a go then. Public schools are more concerned with teaching government doctrine than anything related to math and science and reading. They will drive you MAD!!!