Tuesday, May 15, 2007

St. Clair Narc Gets BUSTED!

Ex-St. Clair County narcotics officer indicted on drug charges

ASHVILLE, Ala. (AP) -- A grand jury has indicted a former St. Clair County Sheriff's Department undercover narcotics officer on two counts of attempting to possess a controlled substance.

Jason Kelly, 30, resigned in October after he was arrested on the charges accusing him of calling two pharmacies posing as a doctor and ordering a painkiller prescription for himself.

Sheriff Terry Surles said he believed Kelly became addicted to Lortabs after a doctor prescribed the controlled painkiller for a shoulder injury.

The state Attorney General's Office appointed former Talladega County Assistant District Attorney Barry Matson, who works with the Alabama Office of Prosecution Services, to prosecute the criminal case. A circuit judge outside the St. Clair County jurisdiction will be appointed to preside over the case.

Kelly, free on bond, is to be arraigned June 18.

My, my, my how the mighty have fallen! I find it very interesting that Sheriff Surles felt the need to explain when he thought the narc became addicted. I don't believe I have ever seen a member of law enforcement explain how the regular citizen's they slam for the same offense came to be addicted to painkillers. How come?

Well, because they see the regular citizen, who uses an illicit or controlled substance, a less than human. But, suddenly when it is one of their own, they develop an overnight understanding of the fact that there is a reason, in most cases, for addiction.

I wish they would remember that every addict that they arrest and imprison was once a little kid who never dreamed of growing up to become addicted to drugs. That every addict is somebody's kid, brother, sister, mom or dad and that they are human beings in need of compassion NOT INCARCERATION!

Is that really too much to ask?

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