Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Farm Blogging

Everyone's favorite day of the week has finally arrived!! YAY!!! It's Friday and time for another addition of Friday Farm Blogging.

When I went outside to water everything this morning I found this lil feller hiding near my garden hose faucet and within inches of a pack of hungry cats that I had not yet fed.

So, I scooped him up and turned him loose in a much safer place free from felines for the immediate moments.

I love frogs...always have. When I was a little kid I always used to catch them and chase my older sister with them so they would pee on her. Oh! Those were the days! Every year at the Nall Farm we have big barrels of water sitting around so that the frogs have somewhere to lay their eggs. And every year at a certain time there will be hundreds of tiny little frogs all over the yard. I am also a big fan of turtles and lizards. I have two lizards that live outside. One lives on my power meter box. Every morning when I walk by he is out sunning himself in the first rays. The other one lives in my clematis vine. They are both green and quick as lightning. I have tried to get pic of them by they are too quick.

Mr. Snoot made rounds with me this morning. For some reason he still pees like a girl. I feel like taking him next to a tree and hiking his leg for him. He is much too scary looking and macho to be squatting like that. But, please don't mention to him that I showed you his morning constitutions. He would be so embarassed.

Here are a few more random shots of our morning walk.

Now, ain't that about the sweetest face you ever saw?

I don't know what kind of bug that was but Snoot sure thought it was tasty.

Here he is checking on the girls.

Have I mentioned recently how much I love this dog? I was late getting home from a meeting in BHAM last night and when I finally got in he ran out of the bedroom, put his head on my leg and just snuggled and wagged his tail. I wish everyone was always that happy to see me. And he is ALWAYS that happy to see me. This boy flat loves his mama. He has had an interesting week this week. He and my daughter Bell were playing with the water hose, which is his current favorite activity, and he landed wrong on his right front paw. He limped around a little bit that day and I didn't pay it too much mind. He has done that before. By the next day it was a different story. He was sitting with his paw held up off the ground and not putting any more weight on it than he had to when walking. It continued to get worse and I did not have the couple hundred dollars it would have cost to take him to the vet. I knew it wasn't broken because I examined it.

I went online and searched for human pain medications that are ok for dogs to take and happened to have two of the very best on hand, Meloxicam and Tramadol. I ave him half a Meloxicam the first dose and treated him with Tramadol the next two days. In one day after giving him Meloxicam he was find and dandy and now he is back to 1000%.

I learned this week that he is really snooty about what he eats. I was in Winn-Dixie in the meat section and saw a big pack of fresh chicken feet. I can't imagine that humans would eat such a thing but, I know that someone somewhere probably does. I thought, "Now I bet Snoot would gobble those up and think them a really yummy snack." So, I bought them and brought them home.

Snoot would have none of it. I was so excited to be giving him fresh meat. I called him over and held out a foot and that joker sniffed it and looked at me as if to say, "You gotta be crazy if you think I am gonna eat that shit mom...I mean really crazy." He sniffed again and I swear he wrinkled up his nose, turned it up in the air and walked away from me. I couldn't believe it. The whole family was laughing so hard at his high falutin' attitude. I started to tell him that starving dogs in Africa wouldn't turn their nose up at a good chicken foot but I knew his reply would be that I pack that shit up and send it over to Africa then.
Geez he is such a character and I just adore him!

Here are some new shots of the girls. You will notice that I have separated them by breed into the other side of the chicken house. Now, before anyone goes calling me a racist because I separated black chickens from red ones I'll have you know that I did it so they could all have more space until we get their pen built which should be this weekend.

And here are some shots of the garden and container plants. Everything is really growing well.

See y'all next Friday with another installment of Life on the farm.

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