Friday, May 11, 2007

I used to love PayPerPost

And I guess I still do to some degree because I still utilize opportunities every now and again when I can find one that pays double digits, that I am qualified for based on blog rankings and doesn't make readers question my ethics.

PayPerPosy is a reat way however to get your product or service some notice on the world wide web when you advertise on blogs.

Some of the bad things about PPP are the outrageous requirements before you are allowed to do a pot where you can actually make some money. I understand why advertisers require those rankings....but geesh some are asking a little too much.

Some of the great things about PPP are you can sit at your computer and do up to three posts a day and get paid for it. I have been signed up for about three months and have made around $400. The first $325 came in the first month. Then all of the rules changed and I stopped advertising for a while. I have started back again and check the site daily. It is a great way to make a supplemental income that you can use for whatever your heart desires. This second go around with PPP will be to save up or a vacation because I desperately need one.

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