Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Apologies to the Chef

One of the chef's at Russell Medical Center wrote me this morning to let me know that they were somewhat offended by my review of their food.

I feel really bad about that. My rant about the hospital stay was mostly in a humorous way and not meant to disparage the skills of the dietary department at RMC. Although, I stand by my original assesment of the smoked sausage.

I heard from one of the nurses and one of the chef's that many people from outside the hospital come there to eat every day and that the majority of the time the fare is great. I remember eating lunch with my mother at the hospital in Clay County many times over the years and they usually had good food.

And...not all of the food was bad at RMC. On our first night there my husband came in at dinner time right after he got off work. The dinner tray was comprised of real chicken fingers cooked crispy and golden brown, mashed potatoes that appeared to be the real deal and not a package variety and green beans. There was also a chocolate/peanut butter pie slice that disappeared rather quickly. He said the meal was delicious. I tasted the potatoes and I would almost swear they were real.

So, to the dietary staff at Russell Medical Center please accept my sincere apology for saying all your food is bad. That clearly is not the case. It was early morning when I wrote my article, that piece of sausage was scary, I couldn't find any coffee and I was a grumpy bitch from laying on the Gitmo Lawn Chair all night.

I'll make it up to you by coming in for lunch one day next week and writing a more reasonable review when I am well rested and coffee'd up properly.


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