Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pet Peeves

Everybody's got'em. Here is one that has been bugging me all week.

1. Blaring your automobile stereo so loudly that people in China can hear it.

This one in particular has been happening this week. See, every day when I am able I make my husband nice, home-cooked fried chicken, turnip greens, lima beans and mashed potatoes, for example. I take it to him and we sit in the car and have lunch together at his place of employment. I like to roll down the windows for a breeze because it costs too much in gasoline to sit and let the car run so I can have air conditioning and it also pollutes the air.

But, this week there is some new asshole with a loud stereo, who insists on blasting it in the parking lot. It is so loud and the noise (I can't call it music) so disgusting and vile that I want to wash my own mouth out with soap after being subjected to it....and that coming from a gal who cusses like a you know it has to be bad.

I wanna walk over and say, "Dude...could you get a fucking IPOD or something...and while I have your attention let me just ask you this one question I have always wondered about...."Why do you think EVERYONE in the galaxy wants to hear your radio? Why? Where on earth did you get that idea? I mean...I don't care if you sit in your vehicle with the windows up and listen to songs about bitch's and ho's til your ears bleed....but, I personally don't care a damn thing about hearing it. It totally fucks up my ability to enjoy my turnip greens.

2. Tailgaiting - I wish I had something like a balloon launcher secreted away in my trunk so that I could push a button and bomb the dickhead behind me with a chicken-shit filled balloon. That'd learn'um.

I have a million more....but, I'd like to know what some of yours. Post'um in the comments thread.


Brandi said...

One of my pet peeves is people who don't discipline your children when they act like demons in public. I live in a very small town, and people here have a tendency to let their kids run wild. One day, I was driving somewhere for work, and some lady was parked along the street and getting something out of her car. Her child who couldn't have been more than 2 ran almost directly under my car. The mother then started yelling at me for not watching out better. I didn't hit the kid, and there was no way for me to have seen the child run out from between two parked cars. I wasn't speeding or not paying attention. I had to let her have a piece of my mind about not watching her kid. Another example is in the grocery store when people let their young children steer the cart directly into my ass, heel or cart. Seriously people, on the off chance that your child may one day have to function in an urban environment, teach your kids not to run away from you, play in traffic or be completely obnoxious to strangers! That's one of my pet peeves. :)

Anonymous said...

When i get a bag and it's short.
I understand a person taking a pinch for doing the favor, but DAMN!

Anonymous said...

not being able to get it up
(my truck window}

ALmod said...

1. Anyone who throws anything out of their car window. I can understand the occasional dumping of food or drink, since it won't harm the environment. Matter of fact, a stray animal will likely clean it up for you. But I cringe every time I look at the side of the road (and my front yard).

2. Pet owners who let their dogs roam. It's dangerous for the pet as well as other people.

3. Loud cell phone users in public areas.

4. Bad table manners. I'm not too picky on this one, but at least don't sit there and eat like you just crawled out of the cave and talk with your mouth full!

Lord Alberonn I said...

To Anon. About the bag. We have people who weigh the bag as well, and count that as part of the product.

I'd have to agree with Loretta about the loud music. Especially when all you hear is the heavy THUMP-THUMP-THUMP of just the bass. You know those people are gonna be deaf, if they are not already.

Adding another one is religious fanatics who feel that I must be brought to Christ. I'm a Deist and proud of it. I hate organized religion, but that don't give me the right to focre my beliefs on you. So quit buggin' me! (Not you Loretta, just speakin' generally.)

When I have the same converstion three or four times during a phone call with my mom. I love her, but I wish she'd stop repeating herself. ;)