Wednesday, May 09, 2007

You have to follow all the rules...But we still won't let you play

My buddy Dan over at Between the Links has pointed out a bill concerning write-in voting that is stalled in the Senate playground fight.

According to Dan's assessment this bill would require that write-in candidates play by the all same rules as those candidates who have ballot access but for ZERO gain on behalf of the write-in candidate.

It amazes me that they pretend that write-in votes are a problem. Fuck....they couldn't even be bothered to count and tally mine at each polling place and they won't be any more bothered to count write-in votes even when write-in candidates follow this new set of ridiculious rules. So, what's the point of these new rules exactly? Well, I'd like to say my run pissed them off so bad and the massive number of votes for me simply overwhelmed them....but the actual truth of the matter is they do this stupid shit because they can.

Check out Dan's Post on the matter.

And just because I think it is important to let people know when you appreciate them I want to publicly thank Dan at BTL.

You're my favorite Alabama blogger Dan. I am not ass kissing but I truly enjoy reading your stuff. You put so much thought into it and break it down for the regular folks who have trouble understanding just what the hell, exactly, is going on in state government. Hell, thats one of the reasons I read it!

And to my readers....if you are not a regular reader of Between the Links please make that a daily stop on your blog rounds. Even if you are not in Alabama and care nada for Alabama Politics...Dan's site is still worth reading. He's good!


Dan said...

Thanks, Loretta. I agree -- everyone should read my blog. EVERYONE!!!

Loretta Nall said...

And we have a second

All in favor say AYE
All opposed ay NO

Anonymous said...

Just read the article and added him as a fav . . . I vote aye!
Tom in Mobile

ALmod said...

Considering I post over there, too...