Saturday, May 19, 2007

Reckon What Laid These??

I was in the garden earlier digging me a new patch for some more okra and I accidentally dug up these tiny eggs. They are about some of the most perfectly formed eggs I have ever seen and were buried pretty deep underground. I think they are one of three kinds.

1. Snake
2. Turtle
3. Lizard

Anyone out there ever seen these before in Alabama? If so, what eventually popped out of them.

I feel terrible about disturbing somethings nest so I put these two eggs in a bowl of the garden soil they were found in and have them in a sunny, warm spot. One of them was wiggling and leaking in my hand. If they ever hatch I'll let y'all know what we get.


x ray said...


Don said...

LOL, Lo, it sounds like you're playin' "Rock, Paper, Scissors".

Maybe you should do some Googling on "Reptiles" to find out which ones lay eggs and which ones have 'yunguns' produced in other ways.

Snakes are considered to be phallic symbols by some and with this ole reprobate's mind deep in the gutter I am imagining all sorts of exotic and erotic visions of two snakes gettin' it on. Hmmmmm, I wonder of they ever do threesomes or more?

Anonymous said...

i agree,lizard.
that was disgusting,joking or not.
and snakes usually mate with up to a hundred males attacking a female,
and lay eggs,but some give birth.
that was still gross.

ALmod said...

I have to go with lizard, as well. They're too small to be turtle or snake.