Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Ron Paul Campaign in Alabama

Dear Friends,

I am writing today to ask you to join the AL4RonPaul email group at Yahoo if you are not already a member. Please click this link and sign up.
Ron Paul 4 Alabama. Also pay a visit to the official Ron Paul for President website.

I have spoken with one of his campaign organizers in TX about what we can do in Alabama. We will be having a more in-depth conversation later on today. One of the things that all of us who want Congressman Paul to be our next President can commit to doing now is voting in the Republican primary in Jan. 08' for Ron Paul and convincing as many of our friends, relatives and co-workers to do the same thing. I know many of you will be extremely adverse to voting Republican....and nomally so would I...but this is one instance where I am asking you to forget that stupid little letter beside the name of the candidate and look at the man's record.

Many of you probably don't know that I know Congressman Paul personally and visit him at his office every time I am in DC. He is a true statesman who has voted RIGHT on every single piece of legislation ever placed before him during his tenure in Washington DC. Read that again..He has never voted wrong. Congressman Paul measures every bill sent to him against the Constitution, and if it does not pass Constitutional muster then he votes NO. Check his record. What more could we Constitution lover's ask for in a President?

There is a lot of excitement around the country about Ron Paul's run for President. I feel American's are starving for the truth and hearing Ron Paul speak it on the debate stage has really lit a lot of grassroots campaign fires across the country. Let's start one in Alabama. There will be massive amounts of media attention on this state come primary time in Jan. 08. We need to put on a very real show for Ron Paul.

So, who's with me?

Loretta Nall


kapnobatai said...

I would definitely help you if I lived in Alabama. But I am doing everything I can here in Utah. Ron Paul is my favorite candidate, and he is better than any liberal or conservative running for office. I really hope he goes all the way because we need a president like him.

Don said...

Thanks for providing the link to the group here. The one in the email I got from you only took me to a blank page.

I signed up by email to the group.

Take care, enjoy the draught!

Brian L. said...

I'm in!

Dan said...

::signing up now::

And I hate to burst your bubble, but Paul voted for the unConstitutional Partial-Birth Abortion Ban.

Loretta Nall said...

Wow Dan I must have missed that one. But....he is still closer to perfect than any of the others. I, even being a pro-choice kind of gal, can get over such a vote. I don't think overturning Roe v Wade would be top priority under Ron Paul as President.

Dan said...

Actually he says he thinks it should be left to the states, but he voted for the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, even though it's unConstitutional, to help offset the affects of Roe v. Wade.

Angela said...

Hey there! I've been reading your blog on and off for a year or so now. When I heard that Ron Paul was running, the first thing I did was to look at your blog to see if you were supporting him yet.

You're aewsome!

Angela said...


There are some good forums at . Ron's oldest grandson is one of us there.