Thursday, May 31, 2007

Some Garden Updates

Blogging has been terribly slow this week. Since my laptop keyboard no longer works because I soaked it with coffee I have to u se the desktop....and it's just not my computer...if you know what I mean. It doesn't have the same OS, browser, my files or dropdown menu and is a general pain in the ass. Hence....I have spent far less time in front of the screen this week.

Just went out and took some new pics of my garden. The first two are of a couple of zinnia's I have. One is bright yellow and the other one will be a scarlet red when it finally opens up.

This next one is of some pitiful watermelon plants I set out last weekend. I let them stay in their cup too long and I don't know if they will recover in time to produce anything...we'll see.

These next two are of my tomatoe's. The first one is of actual tomatoes on the vine and the second is my all-in-one tomato cage. I didn't have enough wire to make seperate cages for each plant so I made one large cage for all of them. It has an opening on the other side for easy entrance.

Spaghetti Squash

This one is of a couple of pepper plants.

Here is one of the girls in their day pen. Haven't had any more problems with varmit's toting anybody off.

This one is of one of my dahlia's. The light green buttons will soon open into blooms. Both plants are covered in them.

This cucumber suffered the same fate as the watermelons. We'll see what they do.

This one is of my Romanesco Veronica cauliflower. A really beautiful plant!

These are some lima beans that are doing very well.

And this last one is of my black-eye-susan vine. I have a couple of these and they are just stunning. A must have for any vine lover.


Anonymous said...

Very nice garden Ms. Loretta. Sorry to read about your rooster. If I was near Alabama I would like one of your kittens, then again kittens are too plentiful most places unfortunately.

Had a thought about your laptop problem. If you cannot work your keyboard, consider saving the system by taking the 2.5" drive out of the laptop and put it into an external case that can work on your desktop (firewire or USB connectivity). Simply change the startup disk command to your laptop drive-in-a-box and your desktop will see what you did when using your laptop.

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