Monday, June 18, 2007


Suppose you woke up tomorrow in a strange city with no money, no place to stay, no way to eat and with no family or friends around to help you? What would you do? How would you survive?

Being something of a survivor of many bad situations myself, a new show called USA Network's Burn Notice caught my eye. It's main caracter is a Michael Weston, who claims to be a CIA Operative and he promises to show us how he woould survive in a similar situation.

Here is what I would do. Human beings need a a few basic things for survival.
1. Water
2. Shelter
3. Food

Assuming the city you find yourself stranded in has a homeless shelter then all three needs could potentially be met by going there and asking for assistance. Homeless shelters provide food, shelter, water, clothing, employment assistance, government assistance (in the event you are willing to take government assistance) and counseling. You might very well need the counseling if you suddenly wake up in a strange place with no idea how you got there.

If this place had no homeless shelter then you would need a plan B. I, personally, would look for churches who catered to those in need. If there were no churches that fit that bill then I would hit up the local authorities and ask for their advice. If they said there is no assistance available and that I am basically screwed then I would find my way to the local drag where the fastfood resturants are located and wait for the employees to bring out the nightly food that is considered waste because it was not sold. True, I might have to fight off a few homeless locals, but assuming I could use diplomacy instead, then they could tell me where to stay to shelter from the elements. One of them might even offer their spot under the bridge.

How would you survive?

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