Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fried Green Tomatoes

The garden is coming along quite nicely. We have already had a mess of green beans, loads of spaghetti squash, sweet banana peppers and even a few tomatoes. The tomatoes we have had so far have been out of this world. They are a variety called Brandywine and if you have never tasted one then you have not lived. They grow funny, with humps, sections and lumps on them....but they have more taste than any tomato I have ever eaten. I think when breeders began to breed out the funkiness in shape of brandywine they also bred out the true tomato taste.

The tomatoes are doing far better than anything else and I decided that today I would try fried green tomatoes. I hated them when I was a kid and haven't eaten them since. But, I also hated okra and friend squash when I was a kid and I love them now so I thought I'd give them a go to see if my taste buds ever acclimated to them. For the record.....they did not. I still think they are nasty! But other members of the Nall clan seem to enjoy them, which is good, or else I would have a whole plate of them wasted today.

I took some photos during the process and thought I would do a photo tutorial on cooking fried green tomatoes.

First you need 4-6 medium sized green tomatoes like these.

A few of those were actually smaller than I would have liked. One of them got knocked off when I was picking another one and the other two small ones were on a vine that just wasn't doing well so I thought I'd salvage them.

Wash core and slice your tomatoes.

Add salt and pepper to your liking and then batter the tomatoes in cornmeal.

Then fry them in hot bacon grease or vegetable oil until golden brown on both sides. I used a mixture of some grease from a pork roast I cooked yesterday and vegetable oil.

Place on paper towels to drain then serve to whoever will eat them.

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