Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Help Send an Alabama Blogger to Yearly Kos

I am reposting this from Left in Alabama, not because I am a devoted leftee, although I am sometimes accused of it, but because I think it is important to help anyone who wants to get rid of Jeff Sessions. Help this kid out if you can.

Most of y'all know Trent Thompson from his posts and comments here at Left In Alabama. He is also the founder and proprietor of Sack Sessions, and no doubt Jeff Sessions knows him as a sharp pain in the rear end. Through his blogging, Trent has already contributed a lot to progressive politics in Alabama, and, no doubt about it, he'll contribute even more in the future. But right now, Trent needs some support from the rest of us.

From August 2nd-5th, Democratic bloggers and politicos from across the country will be meeting in Chicago for the 2nd Annual Yearly Kos Convention. This is "the" political gathering of the year. The only thing keeping Trent Thompson from attending is a shortage of funds.
I'm asking you, will you please contribute toward our goal of $1000 to send Trent to Chicago and put a roof over his head while he's there? There is no doubt in my mind that we will see a big return on the investment in this talented young blogger. Donate via this link or click ChipIn! at the right. These are secure links for processing your credit card donation.

At YearlyKos Trent will hear the latest on key issues like global warming, rural organizing, the military, faith in American politics and more. Your support will help him build relationships with bloggers from across the country and find out how they are working with other groups, candidates, and mainstream media outlets. He wll bring that knowledge back and put it to use in improving Alabama.

I know we aren't all flush, and I'm not asking you to send the money for the baby's milk or the rent money. But any amount you can chip in will help Trent, and he will return the favor by writing more wonderful things and doing wonderful things for Alabama next year and in the future. Who knows, we may still be able to Sack Sessions in the 2008 cycle.
Thank you for your willingness to chip in and fund this investment in progressive politics in Alabama. Don't give 'til it hurts, but please give 'til it feels good. This is an investment in the future.

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