Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Moulton Man says Lawrence County Inmates Being Starved

Associated Press

MOULTON, Ala. (AP) -- A Moulton man who has brought meals to Lawrence County Jail inmates on holidays in recent years says they are being starved with a calorie-deficient diet.

"When we treat a three-legged dog in Decatur better than a human being, we need to take a look at ourselves," said Wallace Graham.

Sheriff Gene Mitchell, who feeds the jail population on an allowance of $1.75 a day per inmate, disputed Graham's claims, saying he began offering a healthy diet after taking office in January.

But a menu Mitchell provided for county commissioners included pinto beans and mashed potatoes for both lunch and supper and a fried wiener as the day's only meat. The Decatur Daily reported Tuesday that it provides only about 1,600 calories, excluding beverages, and would be low for a dieting woman.

Now, before any of you say, "Well they're in jail what do you want a seven course meal?" let me just say...Shut Up!

Yes, they are in jail for whatever reason, but that is no reason to give them bad nutrition. Bad nutrition leads to major health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, bad dental problems, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and so on. And guess what....when these people are in jail, WE the TAXPAYERS have to foot the bill for their healthcare. It would make much more sense to feed them a balanced diet on the front end and reduce healthcare costs on the back end.

Also, who the hell can eat on $1.75 a day? Can you eat a balanced diet on that kind of stipend? I can't. We have a prison farm or two in come none of the vegetables being grown are being utilized in the prison kitchens? We have a cattle come these folks aren't getting beef once in a while? A friend weiner? Cholesterol bomb, acid bomb, fat bomb. My god I would be an anorexic if I ever got sent to prison.

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