Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I hope this one goes to general population

Montgomery School Cop Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Offenses

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- A former Montgomery police corporal has pleaded to sex-related crimes that involved four junior high school students. 46-year-old Billy Doss, a former school resource officer at Capitol Heights Junior High School, entered a plea deal Monday in circuit court. He pleaded guilty to eight criminal charges of enticing a child, attempted sodomy and sex abuse.

Doss was originally charged with 11 counts involving sexual activity or attempted sex activity with the four students. He was an 18 year police veteran who resigned in January.

A judge set a July 20th sentencing date for Doss.

I'm close to advocating the death penalty for this scum....but I think a much more fitting punishment would be to turn him out in general population of any of Alabama's fine penal institutions. Prisoners hate child molesters and they hate cops. I'm not sure which one they hate worse....they're probably about equal, no?

If I were the judge and had the power to decide which fine prison he would be sent to then he'd be packing his bags for Holman. He'd also have a one-way, non-refundable ticket. I'd never let him out.

Unfortunately, Alabama's prison's are stuffed full of non-violent offenders ranging from harmless pot smokers to worthless check writers so, there probably isn't any room at the inn. I bet he gets probation and counseling.


Mike Mann said...

Well if he was a preacher, he might get away with a slap on the wrist. I agree, let the scum go to gen pop and let them show him what sodomy is all about. I watched OZ on HBO. I know how it works.

Anonymous said...

You scumbags don't know anything, there are two sides to EVERY story including this one and it was NOT what it was made out to be. This person is not an evil or bad person, in fact he has a very good heart and is truly remorseful for what happened. He was under very much stress and not in his right mind. He did not do all that he was accused of and he only pleaded guilty because that was what he was advised to do. He did do some of the minor things but some of incidents were made out to be bigger charges than they should have been. He did not touch, have sex with or rape anyone. It was mostly just inappropriate behavior and yes he should have know better but there is a lot more to the story and Back story than anyone knows. There were a lot of stressful and traumatic things that happened in his life in the 5yrs prior to this and he tried to get transferred out of the Juvenile division but he kept getting passed over and turned down when it should have been his turn due to he was not the right race or sex. He also was about to file a lawsuit against the PD about this which they caught wind of. So until you know the whole story, you should be careful what you say. There are people out there who have done much much worse, 1st DEGREE RAPE and MURDER who got lesser sentences, including a slap on the wrist. They had it out for him. There is just a whole lot more to this story.

Loretta Nall said...

Well anon do tell do tell us the back story on this. I'd love to hear you defend a child molester in our public schools.