Monday, July 02, 2007

Oh Please!

I almost skipped this story. I was disgusted enough when Gov. Riley designated by official proclomation June 30-July 7 as "Pray for Rain" week. That didn't really surprise me you know, but this new story outright offends me.

Alabama gets rain during "Days of Prayer for Rain."

Is the Riley administration actually trying to take credit for the rain? Are they so arrogant as to think that because they and some citizens of this state offered up some words to their invisible God that this same God, who suppossedly created the world (which means he has lots of power) and is a God of love, would set aside all the suffering in the world, like the genocide in Darfur, the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, all of the starving and homelessness, to literally take time out of what must be a very busy week for The Almighty, and send some rain to Alabama?

It's true that the drought is hurting farmers. But their losses are taken care of by emergency assistance checks from the federal government due to most of Alabama being declared a disaster area. Also, no farmers are going to starve to death in one year due to lack of rain and, while it may cost more to eat, the fact is that people in Alabama will still be able to eat even if the drought continues. I can assure you that the poor suffering souls in Darfur have no such government assistance programs to come to their aid, nor can they drive to Wal-Mart for tomatoes. I can almost guarantee you they have prayed for an end to their suffering much more than Alabamians have prayed for rain.

I'm very happy for the rain that has fallen at my house today....but I think God might need to reorganize his priorities and that the Riley administration might be a little less arrogant and insulting to the citizens. I also bet that the Riley admin watched the 7 day forecast last week and saw that rain was coming. I believe it was Mark Twain who said, "It's best to consult the weatherman before praying for rain."


amanda harrell said...

lmfao!!! oh gosh, i'm hyperventilating over here! aaahaaahaaahaaaaa!!!!!

amanda harrell

Dan said...

Ah but you forget -- the residents of Darfur are mostly Muslim and Pagan. Different gods.

Anonymous said...

Your buddy Phil Rawls wrote the story, not the Riley administration. What are you hyperventilating about? You think the Governor "made" AP write the story? Also, the Governor's proclamation doesn't force you or anyone else to pray. If you want to pray, pray. If you don't, don't. Isn't that what all you types say about abortion -- "if you're against it, don'thave one?"

Loretta Nall said...

Phil may have written the story but Riley created the official proclamation. Like I must have been a slow news day at the AP.

I don't care if people pray or don't pray what I care about is that the government should neither encourage nor discourage religious activity. If they have the power to encourage it then they also have the power to discourage it right? What would you think if a Governor issued an official proclamation asking people NOT to pray for rain?

Same with a woman's right to choose....even though that is a different matter entirely. If the government has the power to deny a woman that right then they also have the power to force a woman to do that.

These are private family matters and therefore should be left to the family and neither encouraged nor discouraged by the government.

Anonymous said...

Personally, Alabama is all I care about, we have people here who need the money that is being sent over seas to aid in other efforts!