Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ass Sitters

Day Two at Wal-Mart

Not a particularly exciting day. I went in at 8 and took tests on the computer all day. I got done with the final one about 10 minutes before time to clock out. If I understood what the personnel lady said yesterday then, the next time I go back to work I will be put on the floor to train. I am ready for the register. Having to sit in front of a computer with a screen with pulsating light makes my head hurt like a bastard and makes me nauseous....although the Excedrin helped a great deal today. Having to sit in front of a computer for 8 hours that I can't check my email on is maddening. Oh well, that's why I have a cell phone with email capabilities.

I have already determined that there are two groups of people at this store. The ones who work and the ones who sit in the break room all day long and never hit the floor until they are paged. That second group is mostly made up of complainers. I do not know if their reasons for complaining are valid, but they strike me as the type of people who would not be happy under any circumstances. One is a woman I worked with some years ago at a different place. She's an ass-sitter, a complainer, and a trouble maker...was when I first met her, too. That she has been employed at Wal-Mart for some years now makes me wonder what kind of ship they are running.

Now, I know it sounds like I am on a soapbox....but I am a stickler for good customer service. There is little that pisses me off more than to walk into Wal-Mart, drop $150 for groceries or whatever and have a cashier treat me like I shit in her cornflakes this morning. You know the kind I'm talking about...the one that looks all surly, angry, doesn't speak to you, acts like she would rather be boiled in oil than be behind that register...the one who acts like there must be a million other companies lined up to hire her and she doesn't give a damn about you, your money or the fact that without you she would not be getting paid. I could choke'em til their eyes popped out of their heads. If you come thru my line then I will treat you very well. That's a promise. It has nothing to do with what compay I am working for....with me it's a personal thing. Money is hard to come by so you better damn well smile at me and say hello when I am spending my hard earned dough.

If I ever get to the point where I look and act as miserable as that, then I'll just move on to something else. Chances are I will not be getting paid enough to be that miserable 8 hours a day.

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-Sepp said...

Some idiots think they are executive material and resent not having their ass kissed and enjoy showing others how miserable they can be. Don't let them get to you. Look at it this way, you'll probably be their supervisor soon enough and have already figured out who's who and what you can expect out of them later.