Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm Thankful for J.D. Crowe

It is the time of year that we give thanks to whomever or whatever we are thankful for.

This year I am very thankful for J.D. Crowe editorial cartoonist for the Mobile Press-Register. He, in the last week, has provided me with two masterpiece cartoons based on my "Sex Toys for Troy King" drive.

I thought I was done having hysterical, uncontrollable fits of laughter whenever Troy King's name was brought up.....but today this....

Gawd bless J.D. Crowe for being as ballsy as I am! These cartoons will go down in the Alabama political/historical archives.

J.D. and his cartoon genius aren't the only things I am grateful for in the past year....but I'll get to all the others tomorrow.


BoiseNick said...

Loretta , , , U R a hero of Freedom (imho) , WoW , Woman , you gotta national movement goin' ! I'm happy 4 U & also a bit jealous , as I've tried to piss OFF enough Hypocrite RePIGlicans (*) here in Boise to get my own thing goin' .

I lived in B'ham ,'85 -87 , moved down in my late 20s from a northern rust-belt/racist town ,lived up above 5 Points in the Letchworth , played a few times in shows at the Town-'N-Gown Theater and had a great time there except 4 the Way low wages , workin' 4 religious extremists who expected me to go to THEIR church or NOT work and , , , living on the Reich-Wing political planet of Alabama . Yeah , I know , I Now live on the Reich-Wing (OMG) orb of Idaho , but I gotta Voice (now), as Do U .

I see you as a kindred soul , we seem to get our power when our ( & others ) backs are "F"ed with .

OK , enough history & hero-worship for now , 1 thing ya got me interested in doin' ; starting a local sex-shop campaign to send KingTroy his stash-O-fun ( U KNOW he wants to "use" it all like our own Larry Craig ) ! I don't know if you've already said this ,but my partner ( after seeing the 2 editorial cartoons ) , she suggested a name 4 it : " Toyz 4 Troy " ! (as in Toys For Tots ) . . .

Check out my (infrequently posted) blog and here's my TAGGED page ( Gary B ) which shows how I ride my Protest-O-Bushit around Boise :

later , freedom lover , , , Nick

(*) my Dream was to piss enough RePigz Off to be (reported) on Loofa Bill or InsHannity & Colmbs ,(O well...)
(byw , found U on BlueGal)

Dave Krueger said...

My latest tribute to the sex toy law:


GW said...

Thanks, Loretta, you rock my boat...