Sunday, November 25, 2007

WAR EAGLE!! AU 17 - UA 10

I got very emotional watching the pre-game show. Not sure why....there is just so much feeling in that game. What really did me in though was the National Guard company out of Dothan watching from Iraq. I've lived out of the country for a few years and football was one of the things I missed most.

Even though I am a staunch anti-war proponent I do support the troops and seeing them divided up between Auburn and Alabama, with their signs and their team colors, hootin' and hollerin' on the biggest game day of the year just made my heart swell up near to bursting. Knowing they were getting to watch with us and how much they had probably been looking forward to it....knowing that it was a break from the bullets, bombs, shrapnel and utter hell that is Iraq....knowing that it was a little piece of home for them in an alien and hostile place so far away from that was good stuff!


Mark said...

I agree. I don't have any ill-will towards our troops. I hate Bush and his cronies who have squandered the lives of our soldiers over an illegal war.

Do what you can to support our people out there. I just hope we can get them out of Iraq soon.

We should of been focused on Afganstan and the Taliban/Al-Queda all of this time. I sometimes wonder if Bush and Co. have let Osama stay free so they can keep us in fear of the next attack. That way they can do whatever they want in the name of keeping us safe.

dilbertgeg said...

Let Bin Laden stay free, says CIA man - Times Online

Bush agrees. He says that capturing OBL is "not a priority" or "not too important", according to

This is NOT a question or a mystery.