Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sex Toys for Troy King Makes Rolling Stone!

Ok, so it isn't actually the COVER of the Rolling Stone...but I did manage to land Troy King on the Desk of National Affairs.

I got an email yesterday from a journalist who freelances for many different magazines including Rolling Stone and DAME Magazine asking if I would be interested in doing a piece for both magazines on the Sex Toys for Troy King story. I don't need to tell anyone that I eagerly accepted.

I went to Montgomery this morning for the interview which went very well. The piece will be out in about a month and will appear in Rolling Stone National Affairs section. That was Hunter S. Thompson's corner of RS and today I really wish he was still alive. He would appreciate this gesture like no one else. I know what the spin is going to be and I won't ruin it for y'all...just get ready to laugh some more.

As I got back into Alex City I had to make a stop by my favorite service station. I was all business-suited up...which is far different from my activist t-shirt and khaki's look everyone around here is used to seeing me in. The girl at the register asked me what the special occasion was and I told her about the interview and the toy drive. Bruce, who owns the store, walked away from us towards the back and came out holding this...

He said, "Why I'd have to get rid of my girl if they passed a tougher law....and that would be terrible because she never complains."

The RS piece will be just a few paragraphs, while the DAME piece will be about 1000 words and will have a photo layout as well. Not sure when that one is coming out or if it will be online, in print or both. The first print edition of this particular magazine has not yet gone to press.


alapoet said...

You gotta let us know when this comes out in print, Loretta!

Not only am I going to buy myself one -- I'm going to get a few extra copies!

Very, very cool... Keep up the good work! Fight the good fight! Power to the people!

Loretta Nall said...

Oh...I'll let everyone know. I'll do a statewide news release at the vey least and it will all be posted on my blog. A friend of mine offered to leash up his pot bellied pig "Luscious" dye her lips red and bring her to Troy's next news conference. I'm finding that offer very hard to pass up.