Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Only the Government Can Fuck You!

See, y'all, that is what this push to keep sex toy sales within the state of Alabama illegal is really all about. Only the state of Alabama has the right to fuck you!Therefore they are eliminating competition.

I want to stress again to my readers that underneath all the fun we are having, the jokes we are cracking, the sex toys we are sending to the Alabama Attorney General, the superb media write-ups and editorial cartoons all of this has inspired...underneath all of that this is a VERY SERIOUS ISSUE!

Troy King and people like him in positions of great power are used to using an issue like this one to sneak in new laws and regulations that may not be obvious right now. They use issues like this one because people have been taught to be ashamed of the sexual nature of their being, especially here in the deep South. When they bring up an issue like sex toys they do it because they know very few if any people will stand up and say anything in defense because the do not want their co-workers or fellow church goers to think they might own a sex toy. That's too embarassing! Therefore, they never stand up and say anything and people like Troy King and Dan Ireland shove these pieces of legislation through and we all get SCREWED!

With all of the vulgarity and the shocking nature of a topic that most people do not really want to discuss publicly most people never even realize that the real issue is how much government regulation of our private lives will we allow and NOT whether or not they support sex toys. If the government can pass a law regulating what you may or may not insert into your bodily orifices in the privacy of your own home, how and where you have to purchase any such items and so forth then just exactly what is left that is PERSONAL and PRIVATE? When the government passes laws like this they are saying, "We own your ass" literally.

When you sit back and do nothing to prevent stuff like this you are consenting to being owned. No government anywhere on earth owns me or any part of me. Sure the sex toys topic makes us blush and giggle and act too embarassed to stand up because we see it as vulgar and obscene. But in my book the only things vulgar and obscene in this whole debate are the lawmakers inserting themselves into our bedrooms and the people who do nothing to stop them.

Now that's embarassing.


alapoet said...

Loretta, you are so right. Beyond all the giggling and fun we have about it (and fun is important), there is a serious and important issue, and it is just as you stated:

The government HAS NO RIGHT to tell us what we can put into our bodies, what we can and cannot do within the privacy of our own homes and bedrooms, and when they try to act as if they HAVE that right, one of the most important things we can ever do in life is to STAND UP TO THEM.

THANK YOU for being willing to do that. You are doing all the citizens of the great state of Alabama a service, and you have earned my undying respect and admiration forever in doing so.

Don said...

Loretta, may I respectfully disagree on both “Only the Government Can Fuck You!” and “Only the state of Alabama has the right to fuck you”?

No government entity has the “right” to fuck me or anyone else, least of all the state of Alabama. The right to fuck me belongs only to someone (even you) that I may grant that right to of my own free will. Furthermore, you would stand at the head of the line ahead of any form of government if I decided to grant that right.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it. :_)