Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ban on Sex Toys Targeted

The Mobile Press-Register is reporting that Rep. John Rogers (D-BHAM)has prefiled a bill for the 2008 session to repeal the ban on sex toys.

Rogers tries again to revoke ban
Tuesday, December 04, 2007
Capital Bureau

MONTGOMERY -- A Birmingham legislator has filed a bill that would revoke the state's 10-year ban on the sale of sex toys, a prohibition that has drawn national attention and led to lengthy court battles.

It's the second attempt by state Rep. John Rogers, D-Birmingham, to strike the 1998 prohibition on the sale of such devices.

"A shower head could be considered a sex toy," he said. "It's just bringing the state into the 20th century."

I'll be calling John today and seeing what kind of advocacy he and I can cook up for this bill. I already know it involves a live pig...so stay tuned. And bless John Rogers for being brave and taking the initiative on this one. Back in 2003 he stood on the House floor and waved a big ol' dildo around when asking for a repeal of this bill.

Dan Ireland, executive director of the Alabama Citizens' Action Program, a Baptist group, said it would oppose any effort to overturn the law.

"Laws are made to protect the public," he said. "Sometimes you have to protect the public against themselves."

Ireland said the ban is a "good law" that has bolstered public safety.

"Sexual matters are not to become a nuisance to people and the community," he said. "We have enough problems with sexual-oriented crimes without enticing or promoting it."

Protect the public from itself? How are sex toys dangerous to the public (notwithstanding Baptist preacher Gary Aldridge)? So, selling sex toys promotes sex crimes? When is the last time you heard of someone being sexually assaulted by a dildo? Maybe Dan Ireland in all his Baptist Glory is out to avenge Rev. Gary Aldridge's Death by DILDO. You know...I may not be religious today, but I was raised in church and I do know what the bible says. I do not recall ever coming across a verse that says "Thou shalt have no other dildo's before me." It just ain't there. It's people like Dan Ireland and Troy King who pretend sex is BAD and touching yourself is BAD and everything to do with being a human being is BAD that leads to way the good Rev. Aldridge checked out.

Attorney General Troy King's office has suggested that the vagueness in the bill should be addressed by the Legislature. A message left with spokesman Chris Bence Monday afternoon was not returned.

Where is Troy anyway? All I have heard out of him before I busted his ass in the media was "sex toy ban, sex toy ban, sex toy ban" and now that he has been challenged in the most public and humiliating of ways the chicken is no where to be found. What a pansy. If he didn't want to fight then he shouldn't have thrown the first rock!

Randy Brinson, chairman of the Christian Coalition of Alabama, did not have any comment. "It seems we have better things to deal with than that, but I need to study it more," he said.

Finally! A Christian with some sense. Mr. Brinson you may be the saving grace of your folks yet!

Loretta Nall, the 2006 Libertarian gubernatorial nominee, recently began a "Sex Toys for Troy King" drive in protest of the law, which she called a waste of time and an invasion of privacy.

She called Rogers' bill "absolutely superb" and hoped her drive would help it pass.

"If anything, it will make the Legislature and Troy King aware that we want repeal," she said. "My gut feeling is we won't see a lot of people pushing to make it tougher."

But...we will see some and two of them will be Dan Ireland and Troy King. Today Dan Ireland gets a sex toy. I am torn between getting him a Blow Up Sheep or something a little more ummmm personal. I'm thinking the more personal one cuz nothing says "Take your religion and shove it up your ass" quite like one of those would.

So, readers, should I send a blow up sheep or the more personal toy? Vote in the comments. The winner will be announced at the end of the day.

I can already tell that the 2008 legislative session is going to be a very busy and fun one for your's truly.


Anonymous said...

The message to our fine public protectors is surely "shove it" and what could represent that message more distinctly than a giant rubber cock?

Mike Cox aka hippy mike - Indiana (another prudist state)



paul said...

So hard to decide...he may need both.

By the way, my theory is that the reason Troy has been missing is that he has been wearing out the pig.

alapoet said...

Oh! Get him the "personal" toy... Pleeeeeease???

ALmod said...

Normally I really dislike John Rogers because he seems concerned with nothing more than putting a big ol' dome in the middle of Birmingham and having the rest of the state pay for it... But I'd pay good money to see him waving a dildo again.

Stephen Gordon said...

I would suggest sending Ireland a butt plug, but it seems he already has a corn cob inserted in that particular orifice.

Anonymous said...

I would think that the wives and girlfriends of our military who are overseas would have something to say about this.

Anonymous said...

I vote for a baby jesus buttplug

ban said...

ban politicians!

Anonymous said...

hi, my name is Watch Out, thats right watch out, because you people don't see me coming. Did you know that SEX is 100% better without a sex toy. did you know that sex toys are oftened used for sex crimes against children. If someone has a legitimate need for this device, they can buy it at a drugstore. I even think a person should have a doctors prescription for this. do you want your 11 or 12 year old child looking at porn and playing with sex toys at their friends houses. I know this BECAUSE IT happened to me, I blocked it out for 20 years, and I still have emotional issues today. So I think all of you are a bunch of stupid fools!!! signed WATCH OUT, cause i am just gettin started. ***********

Loretta Nall said...

Watch Out...you are what I call a useful idiot.