Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday Morning Rambling's

Over the weekend I took my son to Mobile for Open House at Alabama School of Mathematics & Science. Wow!! What a place!! If you have never been let me just tell you that it is an old Cathedral converted into an ultra-modern and high tech learning environment. Just as an example they teach five foreign languages. Spanish, German, French, Greek & Latin. Sixty percent of their faculty have Phd's and their staff is one assembled from an international pool. A really astounding place and the kids all looked so happy to be there. Basically, I don't care who I might have to bribe....I want my son in that school for his junior and senior years.

While in Mobile I called up J.D. Crowe, editorial cartoonist for the Mobile Press-Register and invited him out for a beer and a handshake for the two fabulous cartoons that he penned just recently:
Sex Toys for Troy and turkey baster.

JD and I met up at Hero's on Dauphin Street where he was kind enough to present me with the original Sex Toys toon with a dedication. I am most proud of the toon and plan to frame it in gold and hang it where I can see it upon leaving and returning home. JD is a very cool dude in my book and I enjoyed the hour or so we had to laugh and cut up over our elected officials. Thanks JD...we must do it again when we have more time.

Yesterday I met with most of the rest of my activist group. We are all going to New Orleans later this week to the International Drug Policy Reform Conference and I wanted to make sure everyone had all of their ducks in a row. I had two large laminated posters of the sex toy cartoon made and I had them with me to show my friends. One of them said, "Hey, we ought to go by Love Stuff and give them one of the posters." She called them up to make sure they were open and we headed that way. A couple members of our group expressed doubt that they would be open on Sunday in Alabama. However, while it is illegal in most places in Alabama to sell alcohol on Sunday there are no such prohibitions of adult novelty items.

The ladies at the store were thrilled by the poster and asked me to sign it for them. Here's a pic.

We took other photos as well but they are really not appropriate for posting.'s true....even I have limits when it comes to what I will put on my blog. My kids read this every day and they are not ready to see mom clowning around in an adult novelty store.

I did find out that Love Stuff has a website where you can order online. I looked for one when I started my sex toy drive but was unable to locate it. For the record their web address is and they have an inflatable pig just like the one I sent Troy. So, if you have not yet mailed your gift to our wonderful and most deserving Attorney General let me encourage you to visit the Love Stuff link and send Troy some Holiday JOY!

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Nice hat, and a wonderful smile, just as I remember it. :-)