Tuesday, January 22, 2008

COPS: The Biggest Gang of All

AG to protest possible parole for killer of Etowah County lawman

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- Alabama Attorney General Troy King plans to appear at today's parole board hearing for Connie Tozzi. King said he will oppose the convicted killer's release from prison.

Tozzi was convicted of murdering Etowah County Drug Task Force Commander Chris McCurley and for the attempted murder of three other task force officers - Gary Entrekin, Rick Correll and Khris Yancey on October 10th, 1997. She is serving four sentences of 40 years each.

Tozzie and a co-defendant, Ezra Petersen, were found guilty. While on death row, Petersen hanged himself.

The hearing starts at 9 a.m.

Troy King needs to sit down and shut the fuck up! If the drug enforcement thugs wearing badges and uniforms had shot and killed these two people they would never have seen the inside of a jail cell, much less had the Attorney General protest their release. They would have been promoted, gotten a pay raise, given jobs at the AG's office and cheered as 'heros' for their murder of two people over something that will not trigger the death penalty in Alabama.

I am so sick of this shit. If cops don't want to get shot then why the fuck did they sign up for the job? If they don't want to get shot then why do they go rambo-ing into peoples homes at 3 a.m. and treat them like Iraqi's....over some inanimate substance? Do they not expect to get shot in those situations? Don't the cops realize that the citizenry is fast losing any respect for them.

Cops are the biggest, thuggiest gang in the fucking world and they have government sanctioning to be. Don't wanna get shot at???? Then don't join a gang. Ain't that what your mama told you?

This is perhaps the worst thing of all about the drug war. One side is prevented from fighting back, prevented from protecting home and property and demonized in the media. How can you have a war if one side isn't allowed defend itself? What would you call a war where one side is prevented from fighting back? Sounds more like genocide to me.

The drug war must end. Drug use in and of itself should not be a crime. Drug addiction is a medical issue and not a criminal one. Many people can and do overcome addiction with treatment. But not if the fucking thug cops put a bullet in their head first. I feel absolutely NO SYMPATHY for cops who get killed while conducting drug raids. In my opinion they are straight up asking for it. They engage in HARM MAXIMIZATION so it's only fair that they feel a little HARM REDIRECTION once in a while. Call it Karma.

Kudos to Mr. Ezra Peterson who denied the thug state the opportunity and satisfaction of taking his life with the death penalty. In that situation suicide is what I would have done too.


Anonymous said...

That very thing your talking about,the accused being shot,a mother is dead,her infant son,shot while in her arms.The child had to have a finger amputated. This happened in Lima Ohio,for any that want to research it.

chip said...

I have lost so much respect for law enforcement and our justice system as a whole. Justice is for sale in America. I must also say that there are plenty of good cops who are willing to give their all to protect us. Drunks and drug addicts are sick folks and they do need help but it is usually very hard to make them get the help that is so badly needed. Its all about money. Our system had rather make money off these folks than to spend money to help get them clean. You drink two beers drive to the store. If you get pulled over you will probably go to jail and your life is screwed for a long time to come. And you are not really drunk.
Our laws should be enforced but they should also make sense.

Anonymous said...

check this out www.spfpa.org
The badges are what really bother me

Loretta Nall said...

that www.spfpa.org is scary indeed. those badges are a direct admission that federalization of the local police is a reality.

ALmod said...

Loretta, I agree that no special treatment (good or bad) should be given to a shooter based on who he shot. Along the same lines, I believe that no special treatment (good or bad) should be given to a shooter based on who he shot. And I know you aren't seriously implying that shooting a cop, even a DEA cop, is okay just because there are some bad apples out there. I could just as easily turn that around and say that I have no sympathy for drug users who get shot in raids because there are users who get so fried that they aren't thinking straight and will shoot at anything that moves-- and so therefore you have jumpy cops who are coming in guns out or else they may not make it home for dinner.

Now, both of us know... There are good drug users/sellers, who harm nobody, and there are bad drug users/sellers-- the kind that cause harm to others. There is no way for that cop to know which he's dealing with, but I CERTAINLY would not say that Granny Jones had it coming because she uses drugs and a lot of drug users can be violent.

There are plenty of bad cops. There are also plenty of good cops. And while they go into their jobs knowing that they might be shot at, it doesn't make shooting them okay on ANY grounds other than self defense. Do we know that the shooters were acting in self defense, or was this a legal search (with a warrant) or enforcement that was carried out calmly?

Personally, I'd oppose the release from prison of almost any convicted killer, and that includes a cop. This isn't about someone who was doing or selling drugs. It's about someone who shot and killed another human being. Death penalty is one thing. Life in prison is another.

Loretta Nall said...

I know what you are saying ALmod....my point is that as long as drug use, drug sales and drug addiction are approached from a WAR perspective then both sides are going to lose a few soldiers. I don't understand why cops get to be portrayed as hero's for killing people for possessing, using or selling selected substances usually when users aren't hurting anyone else or forcing others to engage in said activity against their will....but when a user, seller or addict of said substance shoots back and gets a cop then we are portrayed as monsters who deserve to die.

That's bullshit. If all life is precious then how come the drug user's life is made out to be less important than the cops? How come cops can kill US with impunity but we get the death penalty for trying to defend our homes and families against armed invaders seeking to deny us our freedom?

Am I a 'bad guy' because I prefer safe plant material to manufactured alcohol? Am I a 'bad guy' if someone breaks into my home in the dead of night and I shoot them? Cops often don't identify themselves in drug raids. These no-knock warrants which they use to gain access to a residence make the stakes so much higher for everyone involved.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Loretta.

Too often the supposed war on drugs means going after people in their homes who purhcased drugs. The cops know who the dangerous dealers are who are more likely to be culprits of crime and who may use fear and intimidation in their neighborhoods to creat gangs and force others to sell and such.

But they don't go after them, they go after users, often college students and other young people, and often they turn up no illegal substances in their attacks that take MANY officers at a time away from doing real law enforcement.

And what REALLY ticks me off is hearing real cops, either currently serving or retired, telling stories of finding pot or other substances and keeping it, selling it themselves, etc. Talk about double-standards. It's far beyond un-American.

ALmod said...

Actually, the stuff you see in the movies isn't true. ANYTIME a suspect is injured in any way, there is a very thorough investigation through IE to determine whether or not it could have been avoided, and often the cop in question is guilty until proven innocent. (Read: Not to see whether it was necessary, but to see whether it could have been avoided. Now consider you have someone reaching for a gun... Self defense is necessary, but typically you will not have time to determine the best way out of the situation without injuring the other party. It's pretty much shoot or be shot.) Most will end with a suspension without pay. Some end with the officer's imprisonment. And trust me... In prison and in police officer ranks, the only thing hated more than a cop killer is a bad cop.

DEA isn't just about average users. They go after much more. Drugs are often a primary cash cow for organized crime and even terrorist cells. There's no way to tell one from the other on a raid, and so the amount of precaution taken on one is taken on all raids. If someone is running guns, you don't want to give them a heads up and tell them where to shoot.

I did some research on the case in question. This woman never shot anyone. Instead, the other guy was the shooter. She sold him the guns-- thus the 40-year sentence and no life/death sentence. However, if the guns were purchased ahead of time, then that shows a PREMEDITATED murder. He had a freaking arsonal and was waiting for them. This wasn't some scared family who was reacting to an unexpected intruder.

So to answer your question... "How come cops can kill US with impunity but we get the death penalty for trying to defend our homes and families against armed invaders seeking to deny us our freedom?" Easy. They can't. See my above statement.

I know that you've had some personal encounters with cops on ego trips. I think we all had our run-ins with the turds of the bunch. Me included. The truth is, whenever a police officer is out of line (and sometimes when he is not), he is held accountable. Outside authority is ALWAYS brought in to investigage. Whenever a cop "gets off," it's rare and it's wrong. That's why it makes the news. Usually, you'll see cops dismissed and even jailed for much less. Those are the things that often do not make the news.

Anonymous said...

loretta, i have to comment on this one, becuase it struck home w/ me. you see, one of my dearest friends and family members was in on this...and i personally knew chris, the one that died...he was a good dude, straight guy.anyhow, i think they had a meth lab, and the law was serving a warrant, unaware of the fact that they had heavy weapons and body armor...evidently they were unaware, for they only had a few guys there, no armor, and only handguns. anyhow, my cousin survived this by going under the back steps, which were concrete, and staying out of the wrath of the 7.62 rounds from the 90 round drums they had. i do think this was a warrant being served for something petty, and they got caught w/ their pants down. anyhow, it was a sad event, and i hate to hear about folks getting shot. i do agree that the war on drugs isn't working in it's current form, and needs to be revised....maybe they should just let us daddies police our own neighborhoods, as i don't want any meth labs around my kid, either. take care, jon.

Anonymous said...

Hello Loretta! If you could do so much as to help me out with something, i would be very greatful! My Aunt is Connie Tozzi and i really want to do something to help her and i have no idea where to start. Maybe you have some ideas for the next parole hearing in 2013?

Loretta Nall said...


Heres the thing...most people are unaware that methamphetamine can be aquired by prescription. It isn't an illegal drug but rather illegally manufactured. The prescription version is called Desoxyn and is prescribed for people with severe ADHD, obesity or depression. It is a schedule 2...meaning it has some recognized medical value and is therefore easier to obtain than marijuana. Imagine that!!

Prescription users do not exhibit the same devastating health and psychological effects that users of the street version do, although I'll readily admit that any type of stimulant can make you psychotic over a long period of time. My solution to this "epidemic" would be to encourage the opening of meth clinics and get addicts on a clean version of the drug (Desoxyn) and then offer treatment/counseling. That would pretty much do away with labs in peoples homes and in the trunks of their cars which put so many other people at risk. This problem has a simple solution...but as usual anything simple and based on common sense is an automatic disqualifier in the political arena.

Now, let's put the shoe on the other foot for a minute. I have been best friends with your wife since childhood and friends with you since y'all started dating. Y'all are as close to me as any blood relative. You now have a beautiful, precious baby girl that I could just eat up. Say something goes wrong with her in years to come and she gets hooked on the street version of meth? (God forbid!) What if, despite all your efforts at good parenting, that happens to her? Do you want her to be able to seek medical treatment or get shot down by a cop in a drug raid thereby canceling out any chance she might have had to overcome such a terrible addiction?

The people that cops kill also have families that love them. Everyone seems to forget that.

Oh, by the way, that deer meat you sent home with me a few weeks ago was absolutely delicious! I cooked it just like you said with taters, carrots, onions and mushroom soup in the crock pot. YUM!!! Terry and Alex have decided to start hunting. They could use some lessons.

ALmod said...

The thing is, these guys shot first. The officers in question were just serving a simple warrant, they weren't busting in any doors, and these people were sitting in wait for them with guns and body armor and just opened fire.

The truth is, the reason that there are no-knock warrants in the first place is the direct result of actions like this.

Yes, the war on drugs is a problem, but let's blame the politicians who create the problem-- not the poor shlub who's just trying to keep the neighborhood safe from the dangerous crime that has resulted from the war on drugs.

Loretta Nall said...

I do blame the politicians who create the laws....but I also hold accountable those who sign up voluntarily to carry out those horrible laws.

To let the cops off the hook by saying they were just doing their jobs is no different than saying the Nazi soldiers who ran the death camps were 'just following orders'.

And as for investigating when a shooting happens...who do you think does the investigation? Cops, local cops and sometimes outside cops...but cops nonetheless. They cannot be trusted to be unbiased when reporting on their major fuck ups. Its like the fox guarding the proverbial hen house.

Every once in a while you will see them held accountable as in the case of Kathryn Johnston but not very often.

No-knock warrants do not make anyone safer. They magnify the danger a thousand-fold.

And, while I am not and never would advocate killing a cop I can understand why people would rather try and shoot their way out than go to prison in Alabama. Have you ever been in a prison in Alabama? Any idea what torturous conditions non-violent drug offenders have to live under? I can understand someone coming to the conclusion that if they are going to be placed in jail then it will be for a real reason and not for what they decided to put into their bodies.

Loretta Nall said...

To the lady posting as Connie Tozzi's niece....please email me at lorettanall@gmail.com and I'll see what I can do to help. I would also like to know more about the circumstances surrounding this case.

Unknown said...

To say that it is never justified to shoot officer's during a raid is not true. I was raided by 12 police offers, who were executing a search warrant, the problem was, they had the wrong house (my house), they got confused with my neighbors.

I woke-up to the sound of my front door being kicked down. I grabbed my shotgun (which I legally owned) and proceeded down the hall-way. At no time did they announce 'POLICE' or anything similar.

I thought they were thugs coming to rob or kill me. If they had come up the stairs and saw me with a shotgun, I likely would of been shot, or they would of been shot.

The only thing that saved mine and their lives was that they threw a flashbang at me before they came up the steps that caused me to drop my weapon, and by the time I recovered they were on top of me.

If they had only said POLICE I would of never even have grabbed my gun. I asked them why later, why they didn't say police, and they said it was because they didn't want to give the dealer fair warning to arm themselves or flush any drugs. But they are totally OK with kicking in a door in the middle of the night of my home.

Is it really worth myself or officers losing their lives so that I don't flush a bit of weed down the toilet (that's what the warrant as for).