Monday, January 21, 2008

Loretta's Candle Shoppe

Back in 2000 I started making candles as a hobby and as a sort of therapy. It beats the shit out of Prozac, I can tell you that much. Anyway, I discovered that I really enjoyed the art of making candles. I started out using two-piece plastic molds in just about every shape you can possibly imagine. Hearts, ropes, Buddha's, Virgin Mary's, pot leaves, peace signs. You name it I probably had a mold for it.

Later I ventured into a more difficult form of candle making and started experimenting with something called hurricane-shell candles. These are made with metal molds and hollow cylinders that fit inside the mold. It involves stuffing molds with things like sea glass, silk flowers...I've even used peppermint during the holidays.

Back in 2002, before the Tallapoosa County gestapo charged in and tried to wreck my life, I had a thriving candle business in Alexander City. I made the candles in my kitchen in my spare time, (still do), and sold them to bank executives, lawyers, and the wives of the Presidents and managers of Alabama Power. I worked two full-time jobs and one of them was waitressing at an exclusive hunting lodge in Kellyton, AL called Five Star Plantation. The presidents and CEO's of Alabama Power and people like Tommy Tuberville were frequent guests. They brought their wives and one day I made $800 on the hurricane-shell candles.

When police raided my home they took my scales that I used to weigh ingredients for the candles. In court the D.A. closed his argument by saying that the only purpose for scales was weighing marijuana. I still laugh about that statement.

Anyway, I had to put making candles on the back burner and fight a five-year court battle. But, I decided a few weeks ago to start making hurricane candles again for the fun of it and for the potential extra cash I can bring in on the side. Any one of my reform projects can always use extra cash and offering an original product like this is a good way to bring some in. Below are some of the candles I have made this week.

This is my current favorite hurricane-shell candle. It is a hexagon with dark pink gerbera daisies embedded in it. It is absolutely stunning when lit.

One of the unlit hurricane-shell candles. They make interesting conversation pieces.

This is the same hexagon shaped candle (pictured unlit above) with bright orange gerbera daisies and pieces of orange cathedral glass.

This square one is made with glass hearts in the bottom and dark pink flowers on each side.

The inside of the hurricane candle is hollow and never burns. Instead, you place a votive candle in the center and the shell with embedded flowers or glass glows like a lamp.

I sell these for $30 plus shipping and handling. If you'd like one please email me.

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Christie said...

These are beautiful...everyone should buy one! I have mine in the enter of my coffee table...and I've enjoyed the nice glow it gives off every night since I got it.

I think I'm gonna start a collection Lo :)