Monday, January 21, 2008

This crazy dog!

With the recent cold snap we decided at Casa Nall to reinforce the plastic over the windows. On Saturday my husband took a roll of plastic to our son's room. The dog followed him. He cut off a piece of plastic and proceeded to staple it to the outer edge of the window. When he was done with that one and ready for the next piece of plastic he reached down only to find that it was gone. He came walking back in the living room and asked if the kids or I had been back there and moved it. I told him no and said jokingly that the dog must have hidden it from him. He looked in a few different places...but no luck. He returned to my sons bedroom and a few minutes later I heard him say, "Well I'll be damn...the dog did hide it" and then "you jackass." Turns out the dog had taken the roll of plastic and hidden it under the opposite end of the bed from where my husband had laid it down.

Some people swear that dogs can't plot and scheme. I beg to differ. This one plots and schemes all the time. He seems to have this mischievous little sense of humor. I can see it in his eyes.

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