Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Love Stuff Appeals Sex Toy Ruling

(Loretta Nall pictured in center presenting a large laminated poster of the Sex toys for Troy editorial cartoon to the clerks at Love Stuff in Hoover, AL.)

The Birmingham News is reporting that Love Stuff in Hoover is appealing the sex toy ruling.

An attorney for a Hoover store that sells vibrators and other sexual devices has filed an appeal with the Alabama Supreme Court, asking that part of the state's anti-obscenity law be declared unconstitutional.

Huntsville lawyer Amy Herring, who represents the Love Stuff store on U.S. 31, appealed the decision of Jefferson County Circuit Judge Robert Vance Jr., who ruled on Nov. 2 that the law was in accordance with the Alabama constitution. The law bans the sale of sexual devices except for medical, scientific, educational, legislative, judicial or law enforcement purposes.

Vance ruled in Love Stuff's favor in another part of that case. He rejected the city of Hoover's claim that Love Stuff violated a law against "adult-only" businesses operating within 1,000 feet of homes, schools and day care centers. Vance ruled the law was too vague because it did not define "adult-only" businesses.

Rep. John Rogers has already pre-filed a bill to repeal the ban on sex toys, I have repeatedly humiliated Troy King for going on two months now for his insertion of himself into this debate and now Love Stuff is asking the Alabama Supreme Court to declare part of the law unconstitutional.....which it clearly is.

Amazing what one inflatable pig can do!

Let's hope the Supreme Court makes the right decision and doesn't end up like Troy King did when he last broached this topic.

There are more pigs where Troy's came from!!

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