Wednesday, January 30, 2008

MRI today

My arthritis has been pitching a nasty fit lately. I went to the doctor on Monday and after looking at my X-rays they decided to do an MRI. Every major joint in my body is eat up with osteoporosis and I am only 33. I finally got a doctor who recognizes this condition for what it is and didn't tell me, "Well, you're too young for that." Instead, he listened when I told him about the flare-ups and when I told him that pain medication is fine...but that for long term purposes I had no desire to take pain medication every day. He mentioned Boniva or Fosamax as a possible treatment.

I am looking forward to seeing my spine and the places in it that hurt so bad. C-1 thru C-7 are covered with bone spurs and I would not be surprised to find that most of the rest of my spine is as well. L-5 is what is giving me the most problems right now.

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