Wednesday, January 30, 2008

That wasn't a debate

The ‘debate’ on CNN right now makes me want to vomit…projectile vomit….profusely!! Ron Paul is obviously being skipped over. This isn't a debate it's a McCain/Romney love-fest! What a disgrace!

It would only be interesting if McCain jabbed that damn ‘Sharpie’ into Romney’s eye. Hell, I might even consider voting for John then. If nothing else it would make this farce of a ‘debate’ more exciting. I keep hoping Ron will get up and walk off.

Just for fun I'll remind people that within the last few months I have single-handedly humiliated McCain's Alabama cheerleader Troy King and made Romney's cheerleader State Treasurer Kay Ivey apologize to my son for insensitive remarks she made directed at those who think evolution holds more water than Jesus.

I guess that adds up to me not having many friends in the White House if someone other than Ron Paul gets elected. Oh well....not much different than the previous 33 years of my life.


Kib Toxication said...

I totally agree. Once again its come between the puppet on the left, and the puppet on the right

haole said...

Sitting here watching the replay, and I can't understand how CNN can call itself an unbiased news organization.

Whether or not you think Paul should be President, or is a viable a candidate, or has worthwhile things to say ... why in the hell would you even invite him if you're not going to let him talk?

It's really simple to see when you watch it: Paul is not just being skipped over, he's being cut off repeatedly, while yammerheads like Mitt Romney can go on and on and on about how everyone from New Hampshire supposedly loves him and wants to nuzzle with his hair helmet, or Mike Huckabee (who also isn't supposed to be a "viable" candidate but gets preferential treatment) can give both sides of an unintelligle argument on being against rebates because we'd have to borrow the money but we should spend money on infrastructure ... and we somehow won't have to borrow that? Still lost on that one.

They shouldn't even be allowed to be called "debates" -- since there is little actual debating, numerous petty personal attacks and much careful "sound byte" phrasing that never really answers any questions.

And as soon as it's over, all these dumbass "journalists" will fall all over themselves trying to declare a "winner" -- which is the ultimate in presumptive idiocy.

Truthfinder_1:29 said...

Loretta said . . .
"That wasn't a debate

The ‘debate’ on CNN right now makes me want to vomit…projectile vomit….profusely!! Ron Paul is obviously being skipped over. This isn't a debate it's a McCain/Romney love-fest! What a disgrace!"

Even though I don't have CNN, I still understand exactly how you feel.

- - - Sadly, they have done the same thing on Faux News and most of the other major television-networks,
(From NOT re-airing Ron Paul's debate-segments, to the complete, erie, non-mention of his name in news reports/programs and even talk-shows!!!).
- And though some would disagree, I believe it's nothing less than corpoRATe censorship!

The 'MINISTRY OF TRUTH' fails to deliver, once again, as thus designed.
(Should this sort of thing really be going on in America ? ? ?)

BTW, Loretta,
I've already voted for Ron Paul in the primaries.
- - The American government is in declining health and needs a DOCTOR!!!

Dr. RON PAUL for PRESIDENT 2008!!!

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