Friday, February 01, 2008

The 'Punch' Goes Unpunished

The Montgomery Advertiser is reporting that the Senate Ethics Committee voted to TAKE NO ACTION against Sen. Charles Bishop for punching Sen. Lowell Barron on the last day of the 2007 legislative session.

I find this lack of condemnation repulsive, insulting and embarrassing for the state. What kind of message does that send to companies looking to locate here? What does it say to the kids who have been expelled from regular school and made to attend 'alternative prison school' because of a playground scuffle? What does it say to the citizen's of this state? What does it say to the folks in jail or prison for assault?

It says that those who make the rules get to live by a different set than the ones they make to govern us peasants.

Since it apparently ok, legal, condoned and rewarded (trophy, standing ovation for Bishop) I wonder when all of our elected officials will line up and let the citizen's have a go? If anybody has the right to punch our do-nothing-get-a-big-pay-increase-act-like-WWF-wrestlers-with-a-camera
-rolling-joke-of-a-legislative-body then it is the citizen's of this state.

Who's first?


The Mad Patriot said...

Not that our State Senators don't deserve a good wallop, but I'm gonna hold out for open season on our US Senators. Sessions really needs to be decked a few times.

Nita T. said...

I feel what's good for the goose... and all that stuff. I agree with everything you said, Loretta! There are MANY, MANY legislators I would pay money to punch in the face... repeatedly. But, my friend, we'd be locked up and wouldn't see sunshine for years, or maybe never, if this were to happen. Thank you for posting this WCW Smackdown!

ALmod said...


Let's get this thing rolling, and let's include the U.S. Senators, too. We could even include a discount rate. For a special monthly fee, you could get unlimited punches for any legislator. Let's also include the judicial and executive branch for an additional fee.

Now THAT'S my plan for solving the budget crisis.

Loretta Nall said...

ALmod you're absolutely right! Hell, we'd have a budget surplus.

Anonymous said...

What if a female legislator had said somthing about Bishops' Mama, would he have hauled off and punched her too?