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Troy King Must Go!

Last night when I first read this article by Dana Beyerle I kind of just skimmed over it. It was late, I was tired and so I didn't go in-depth about anything other than the denial by Troy King's office that anything other than the inflatable pig was received.

But, there are some other things in this article that disturb me. So, here it is in full with my comments in italics.

Here is the video that prompted Dana to write the article. It was done spontaneously by one of my readers, a former Alabama resident who now resides in Washington state. Here is his take on the whole sordid affair.

Tuscaloosa News

Former resident mocks AG’s sex-toy stance via YouTube

MONTGOMERY | With an Internet connection and a little YouTube know-how, anyone can ridicule a high-ranking public official.

Attorney General Troy King found that out Tuesday.

Alabama native and writer Steve Elliott, who now lives in Washington state, posted a video on site mocking King for defending a state law prohibiting sex toys in Alabama.

“That’s what I’m trying to do, make him look ridiculous, because that’s how he’s making the state of Alabama look,” Elliott said Tuesday.

The 30-second video is a montage that uses King’s singing “duet” with the late Johnny Cash as a soundtrack. The video includes an image of Cash making an offensive hand gesture.

The Mobile Press-Register reported Sunday that King created a CD last year in which he added his vocals to a little-known recording by Cash of the song “My Elusive Dreams,” which was never released. King distributed about 25 copies of his recording as a Christmas gift, the Press-Register reported.

Elliott said he was inspired to create the YouTube video after reading a blog written by one-time third-party gubernatorial candidate and marijuana advocate Loretta Nall, in which she described sending King an inflatable pig sex aid last year.

“He is required to uphold the laws of Alabama but he’s mis-prioritizing the law and should not try to gain so much publicity,” Nall said Tuesday.

Nall’s blog recounted King’s efforts to enforce the sex toy ban, and asked people to mail sex toys to King’s office. The Press-Register first wrote about Nall’s sex toy campaign last year.

Elliott said he was embarrassed for Alabama after reading Nall’s blog entries about King.

“It makes me mad when some ambitious politician makes the state look ridiculous in the eyes of the state and the nation,” he said. “They need to keep their laws off our bodies.”

Elliott said he grew up in Franklin County and lived in Alabama for 39 years before moving to the West Coast nine years ago. He served a year in a California jail for assault, which he said was self-defense.

Elliott said new technology enables anyone to bypass traditional media.

“YouTube represents the democratization of mass media,” Elliott said. “Anyone with a Web camera and a fast Internet connection can post information on the Internet. We’re seeing rules of the game changing and they’re not totally written yet.”

King spokesman Chris Bence said the West Coast is a good fit for Elliott. “Outside the state is the best place for him,” Bence said.

(That bugs me. So, do Troy and Chris Bence mistakenly believe that they own all of Alabama? Who are they to decide where is the best place for anyone to live? Why is outside of the state "the best place for him"? Is their philosophical bent that anyone who disagrees with them should move out of state? NEWSFLASH: A great many Alabamians disagree and some downright dislike Troy King...but we ain't going nowhere. This is our state. Making people who disagree with Troy's twisted illogic feel unwelcome is very child-like. It is equivalent to "Take your toys and go play somewhere else." I know Troy and Chris would be in Hawg Heaven if all of their detractors suddenly went West. But that ain't happening. King is supposed to work for us. He can't run us out of state....but we can vote his ass out of office come 2010.)

As for Nall’s proposed mail-in campaign, Bence said the only sex toy mailed to King’s office was the inflatable pig.

(I know that's a lie because included with Trixie the Pig was a cock-ring. It was a free gift from the company that I ordered the pig from. So, I know he got at least two toys. I suspect he got a great many more. I also suspect that he thinks I have no way to check out his story. He'd be dead wrong about that too!)

Nall, who ran for governor in 2006 on the Libertarian ticket, said she blogs about King because of his stance on issues important to her. “He’s probably my arch-enemy in the state of Alabama in the times I’ve worked on drug policy and prison reform,” she said.

(And King is my public enemy number one. His legislative package last year was horrible. While the rest of us were working to reduce prison overcrowding, King's package included a bill that would do away with 'good time' and stop all early releases. While my folks were working to restore a person's right to vote once they have served their sentence and also working to restore the rights of voters who were not convicted of crimes involving moral turpitude and never should have lost their right to vote in the first place, King's package included a bill that would make EVERYONE convicted of any felony automatically lose their voting rights. That is just wrong on so many levels. Some felonies can be as simple as bouncing a couple of checks and not having the large amount of money to pay the fees all at once. Does someone in that situation deserve to lose their right to vote? What about the cancer patient who is growing a little pot to help them cope with chemo? Do they deserve to lose their right to vote? And, why, if a person has completed their sentence are their rights not automatically restored? King's illogical thinking says that you should be punished forever. It is equivalent to the Christian concept of Hell. No chance for redemption. No end to the punishment and torture the state has decided to inflict upon you for not OBEYING them.)

Troy King must be voted out of office in 2010.

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Mike said...

I bet he never mentioned the cock ring is because he is enjoying it to much to turn it over. You're right about his comments about his detractors needing to move far away. He's getting scared and knows that may be the only way he can remain in office.

Wake up Troy, Alabama has some issues and I don't think banning a pink vibrating egg will fix us.

I stand by my long time statement when people ask me where I live, "Alabama, the land that time forgot."