Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Troy King says, "Trixie is the only pig in town!"

In this article by Dana Beyerle Troy King's office claims the only sex toy they received was Trixie the Pig!

Well, I don't buy that. I know my readers sent in goodies for Troy. Since Troy won't come clean, and readers testimony here on the blog isn't sufficient evidence that they sent Troy a sex toy, the only option open to me is to file an FOIA with the post office that delivers Troy's mail. It is public money, which pays for that mail to be delivered, therefore, it is public information how many packages were delivered to the AG's office since the Sex Toys for Troy King drive began.

And, even if by some incredible fluke Troy's office is telling the truth (hehehe) and really only received Trixie the Pig and nothing else....all I gotta say is the gesture and Trixie the Pig were enough to get Troy cartooned in Alabama's most conservative newspaper dressed in dominatrix drag with his arm.......

up that pig's ass!!

Nuff said!

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Sex toys said...

Of course he's not going to admit that he received a ton of toys, that would only provide fuel to those who sent them. However, it would be an obvious lie to say that he didn't receive any.

I do hope that he got more toys than he knew what to do with and I hope that this whole endeavor helped the 'sex toy cause'. Good luck with all future undertakings and I hope it all works out well for the state of Alabama.